Friday Favorites 9/9/22!

Happy Friday! I wanted to share a super speedy Friday Favorites post before diving into this weekend. Let’s see if I can get this done before Quinn wakes up 😅.

1. The Last Mrs. Parrish. This was my latest book club book, and it’s a real page turner! I will give an abuse warning for it though- some parts were very hard to read. But overall, it’s a great thriller with good twists.

Speaking of twists…..

2. Quinn Sea Salt Pretzels. The name is just a bonus, but DJ and I both agree these are some of the BEST store bought pretzels we’ve ever tried. They’ve quickly become a staple in our home.

3. Henry Rose Fragrances. Since trying to reduce endocrine disrupting chemicals from my environment/products, I’ve given up perfume/fragrances. I miss them!!! I recently discovered Henry Rose has EWG certified fragrance lines, and oh my gooodness, they are amazing!!!! I LOVE! I ordered their Discover sample set.

5. Olly Prenatal Vitamins. I have tried so many different prenatal vitamins throughout pregnancy/breastfeeding, and I am currently really enjoying taking these Olly ones! They’re tasty & gentle on the stomach.

5. And saving the best for last!!! I am OBSESSED with these Born and Raised bows gifted by my sweet friend Kori. They are the softest bows, leave no indentation and are SO stinking cute & dainty. Love love love!

What are you all loving this week?! TV shows, podcasts, snacks, anything at all?!



P.S. I successfully finished this post and Quinn is still sleeping!! Woohooo!! It’s the little victories ☺️.

*Some pictures are from the direct links associated with the featured product*.

10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 9/9/22!

  1. I must try those pretzels for the name alone and that little headband is adorable on Quinn, bonus that it is so soft! Love! Gigi

  2. First of all, Quinn pretzels need Quinn as their model! Secondly, they make delicious gf pb pretzel bites that satisfy Matt’s craving. Pb/almond butter/sunflower seed butter pretzels have been my fav snack lately!

    I am so thankful you love the headbands too, and they look perfect on precious Quinn! Way to go, Mama on publishing this before she woke up from her nap! It’s the little victories that we must always celebrate.

    1. Awww! I love that idea 😍 ok I must try those pretzel bites – YUM. Going to be on the hunt for them.

      They are just the best- thank you again for sending them our way ☺️

  3. Great favorites! I need to look into endocrine disruptions in fragrances, I never actually thought much about that. I did end up getting rid of candles and have opted to buy the soy ones or whatever instead but I’m not much of a candle person to begin with so they’re mainly decor now 🙃

    I need to find those pretzels and try them. Did you find them in the organic isle? Cause I can’t imagine they’re be in the generic isle lol.

    Ahh Quinn looks so cute in that photo at the end, that smile is everything! Totally melting my heart over here 🖤🖤 so nice that you’ve found a cute little accessory for her! I find that it’s easier to dress up little girls than it is boys lol. Plus girl have way more cuter things than boys do so I’m sure you’re also super stoked to be able to find cute things for her.

    1. Glad you enjoyed these!!! Fragrances surprised me too as an EDC when I learned about them- especially because they’re in pretty much everything it’s hard to avoid. Candles are tough to find to without lots of those chemicals , thank goodness they have healthier options for them now too like the soy based!

      I don’t see them at all grocery stores, but there’s a place called Fresh Thyme here that has them!

      Aww Thanks Rossy, she melts our hearts too 🥰 it really is soo much fun with the clothes (especially bows)! I have to really restrain myself though lol

  4. Ahhh, those bows are just precious! And those pretzels sound good! I see them on Thrive Market a lot, so I’ll have to add some to my next order! Bonus on the name, haha. Love that. I keep hearing about that book everywhere lately!! I need to check it out asap!

    1. Definitely try them out!!! They are so good! I’ve considered using Thrive market- I know they have great healthy options on there! Happy Friday 😊

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