DJ’s Hall of Fame Induction, El Mason & Pav’s Creamery!

Guess what? I am once again writing to you from the back seat of the car at around 130 AM. We are currently on our way to see my grandparents and Aunt and Uncle in Michigan!! No better time to whip out a recap post 😊. We’ve got podcasts loaded up & snacks on hand, so we’re good to go!

August 14th we spent most of the day sleeping after driving through the night after the wedding. What was left of the evening, we spent unpacking and getting ready for the week.

August 15th I wasn’t scheduled to work which was nice so I could recoup with Moose and Quinn. Lots of rest and cuddles that day!

That evening, I made air fryer salmon topped with sautéed tomatoes, onions and mushrooms with brown rice and green beans. 😋

This week I was on a kick of oats mixed with dragonfruit usually topped with peanut butter.

To change things up that week during wake windows, I went around the house and had Quinn do tummy time on multiple different surfaces such as the couches, beds, the crib. She loved the change of scenery!

She even found a new lounge chair 😆.

We did lotsa walks on the trail that week! Quinn is tolerating the stroller somewhat again, but I always have my carrier on me just in case- she does end up in it by the end of the walk usually.

August 19th was a special day!! DJ and my sister-in-law, Renee, were both inducted into their high school hall of fame for athletics, DJ for basketball and Renee for track. It was a huge honor!

That evening, we went to the high school for a reception and then before the football game, both DJ and Renee were announced with several other spectacular athletes on the field.

We walked across the field as a family; DJ insisted on holding Quinn the whole time 🥰.

I was and am so proud!!! DJ’s athletic resume is quite impressive, but more than anything, he always conducted himself on and off the court with the highest character.

After the induction, we drove to Marie’s to pick up Moose man.

We were ravenous on the way home, so we DoorDashed BurgerFi. A burger and fries really hit the spot that night. Also the air fryer is sooo clutch when it comes to reheating french fries!

August 20th, my friend Clair offered to come by and watch Quinn so we could have a date night! She said she missed Quinn and wanted time with her, and we were not about to turn down her offer!

DJ and I chose to go to El Meson, a Mexican restaurant nearby. I loved this restaurant growing up, but I hadn’t been back in over ten years!

It had changed a lot! It was unrecognizable with the contemporary renovations they made. I just hoped the food remained good as I remembered!

We sat out on their relaxing patio. It was supposed to storm, but we didn’t mind taking the risk- the warm, but comfortable, air felt so nice!

I ordered their shrimp fajitas, and they did not disappoint! I will crave this place.

Our food came out in record time, so we decided to go to Pav’s Creamery in downtown Cuyahoga Falls to extend our date night a little longer.

Clair also sent sweet pics of her and Quinn having a ball, so we knew we were ok to make one more stop!

I ordered Pav’s Creamery while pregnant, and it was some of the best darn ice cream I’d ever had!

We’d never actually been to the shop, but the inside is so cute. Perfect little place to go on a date night!

So because I can’t have dairy or soy right now, I was limited to their sorbet fruit flavors. Lemme tell ya- it was TORTURE turning down something chocolatey and delicious. I got the passionfruit sorbet, and held back tears with each bite. Ok that’s a bit dramatic, maybeeee not tears, but it was tough eating that while watching DJ drink his Oreo milkshake!

While it was probably good for sorbet, I didn’t finish it all and made sure to save room to dive head first into my dairy and soy free, yet creamy and delicious, ice cream once I got home. We had so much fun just chatting away though- even though a chunk of it I spent pondering who would seriously order sorbet given the other scrumptious options.

It was sprinkling once we stepped back outside, so we zipped back to the car and back to Quinn. On another non-rainy evening, we really need to explore the adorable downtown area. It was such a great night!!

I’ll wrap up here and try to get a nap in before I take over at the wheel. 🙂

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

Questions for you:

– Ice Cream or Sorbet? (Just trying to find out who I offended 😝).

– Did you play any sports growing up?

– Plans for the weekend?



19 thoughts on “DJ’s Hall of Fame Induction, El Mason & Pav’s Creamery!

  1. Great post! Loved every photo of your sweet life. And I hope you are now safely at your destination.
    I liked sherbet as a child- we always got orange sherbet cones at Lakeside! Now I love ice cream- Culver’s is our favorite place. Although lemon ice is good…fun to think about desserts! Give Quinnie a kiss from me and have a happy holiday weekend.

    1. Thank you so much, Jena!! 🥰

      Anything at Lakeside is better- so I bet that was tasty!! 😋 and Culver’s is hard to beat, I so agree! Can’t wait to have it again. Let’s do a Culver’s family outing when I can have dairy back in the diet!!

      I will!! Hope you had a great holiday weekend too 🙂

  2. Ice cream over flavored ice any day! I actually had a co-worker offer me a certain type of popsicle (can’t remember the name of it, but apparently they’re very well known) and I told her no thank you and that I’ve never had one. It was as if I told her that I could breath underwater! I explained that whenever given the choice of ice cream to popsicles, I will forever choose ice cream.

    I played volleyball in high school and loved every second of it. Well, except for running suicides… My only regret in life is that I didn’t continue playing through college, but since I put myself through school, there was no way I could have participated in college volleyball and kept my numerous jobs.

    Finally a calm weekend ahead for us. Though we have a lot of chores to catch up on around the house because of all our recent travels, but we’ll have 3 days to get everything done, so there should be plenty of time for relaxing. 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh I’m cracking up at your coworker. I am WITH you!!! Ice cream anyway over a popsicle. I’ve tried to buy popsicles in the past thinking they may sound good at some point, but mostly they end up just taking up space indefinitely in the freezer!

      Balancing a sport and a job (especially multiple!) in high school is soo tough! I admire volleyball players though- I never had the knack for it, even recreationally- I’m also a wimp because it hurts my wrists, lol!

      Hope you had a lovely weekend relaxing, Bex!!

  3. Congratulations DJ!!! What an honour & cause for celebration!

    ❤️❤️❤️ all the views of Baby Q! She is adorable! My fave is her & Moose as an armchair. You seem to have eased into parenthood very successfully!

    And I am glad you have opportunities for date night … precious time!

    1. Aw thanks, friend ☺️.

      Heheh her and Moose have become close friends quite quickly- he’s so protective of her, it’s adorable!

      Thanks for stopping in!! I have been a slacker around blog world, but I hope all is well for you and your fam! XO

  4. What a special and fun event! Such a wonderful accomplishment.

    Love all of your foods, and Quinn is looking cah-ute as ever! You look beautiful too!

    I am creamy dreamy ice cream all the way. I don’t love popsicles or non-dairy “ice cream”. 😉

    1. Thanks, Kori!! 🥰. Haha I’m with youuuu- lemme tell ya- I’m heading to the first ice cream shop I can when I get the green light for dairy again lol. The non dairy stuff only is good to a point (although I am grateful they have it at all, it does the trick for now). Dreaming of the real deal. I don’t care if it’s the middle of February! Haha

  5. That salmon in the air fryer looks really good! I need to get myself an air fryer I hear lots of great things and been wanting to cut out using oil for things like that anyway lol

    That’s so cute she ends up in the carrier. CL was the same way, always had to be with mom, we spent money on a stroller that he hardly ever used 😩 lol

    Congrats to DJ! Even though I have absolutely no idea what being an inductee means but if it’s the hall of fame that must mean he was incredible in sports! Either way, extend my congrats to him!

    Yay for date night! The shrimp looks perfectly cooked I bet it tasted delicious!! And omg I’m with you on the ice cream! Literally my most favorite type of dessert to eat but I can’t have it anymore because I’m lactose intolerant 😭😭 why can’t you have dairy at the moment?

    What a great little outing! I would love to explore that area, it looks like it would be peaceful on a sunny day with a ton of food options 😄😄

    I’m not much of a sorbet person, definitely ice cream. I do go for Italian ice if I have no choice 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Was not really a sports person as I was never in any teams, I did want to play basketball growing up and would actually always get together with the neighbors kids to play during the summer and after school but nothing came from there. I’d say I was pretty good lol.

    Have a great week!

    1. Yesss get an air fryer!!! I’m obsessed with it. I use it any chance I get. It’s great for reheating French fries/pizza and things like that too!

      Girl, SAME. We try the stroller and it works for maybe half a walk, but she always ends up in the carrier by the end. Isn’t it frustrating when this baby stuff is so pricy, but then they don’t like it?!

      Oh nooo, at least there are great alternatives today with being lactose intolerant!! I love the So delicious and Oatley brands of ice cream! Quinn has a soy and cow’s milk protein intolerance, so can’t have any of the regular stuff right now since I’m breastfeeding. Going to retrial her at 6 months!

      those types of basketball games with the neighborhood kids are so fun!!

      Thanks for stopping in!!! Have such a great week too😊

      1. I’ll most likely get an air fryer for xmas or after since I have to move around that time LOL. I’m all for reheating things but not in microwaves.

        Ah yes! I remember all the things we had bought for CL and he wouldn’t use it lol. I hope as she grows up she begins to like a variety of things so she gets at least some use out of things.

        Oh that’s great, I’ll look into those brands. It has been hard finding some dairy free ice cream as well as cream cheese, I can’t find a good one I like. Luckily for milk I’m all set with either rice or almond milk and I found some delicious yogurts as well! 😀
        I’m sorry she has an intolerance and you’re having to limit your eating as well, it’s amazing how many foods contain milk and soy as well.

        I hope you have a great week as well! xx

      2. It’s a great Xmas gift, just make sure to request a non toxic one- I recently learned some of them have PFOAs and BPA :/ .

        Kite hill has a great cream cheese!! Keep an eye out 😋. Yess I love almond too. Aw thank you! I am in a good groove with it now at least and have discovered some good finds through doing this. Makes me very conscious of everything I eat too.

        Hope you had a great weekend 😊

      3. That’s so funny you mentioned the KH cream cheese cause I bought it shortly after I wrote my last comment since I love their yogurts so much LOL it’s delicious!

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