Weeks 12 & 13- Starting Daycare, Purple Carrot & A Purple Monkey in a Bubblegum Tree!

Going into Monday like…

Anyone else? 😆

Hope y’all had a great weekend!! We have so much to catch up on since my last recap post!

On Saturday July 23rd, we went to my MIL (aka Gigi) and Gordie’s for a phenomenal cookout. The burgers were so good I had two 😋. It was a great evening with the fam. My SIL, Renee, is getting married in October, and it was great to spend time with her fiancé’s side of the family at the cookout since they were in town.

We grabbed a couple pics once we got home, even Moose got in a few :).

The next morning, July 24th, Miss Quinn and I went back to my MIL’s for a relaxing girls’ morning since my SIL, Laura, and her daughter, Lily, were in town. While the girls of the fam had coffee and pastries, the guys went golfing.

It was a great morning! The rest of the day was spent prepping for the week.

July 25th was more of the wonderful same, hanging out with my girl.

I really tried to stretch groceries that week before doing a big trip. I found some beef bone broth in the pantry and added some zucchini, squash and carrots along with protein collagen powder (can’t taste it, but it adds a lot of protein!). This was actually good & filling.

That afternoon we FaceTimed with my mom, Quinn’s Grammy. She is visiting again next month, and we’re all counting down the days!

Pretty sure this little smile was during baby shark. Yep, she’s as obsessed with the song as the rest of them. (Quinn, not Grammy, in case of confusion). Guaranteed dancing and smiles!

July 26th, we got a free box of Purple Carrot from Chris & Renee who use the vegan food delivery service. It was so fun to make the meals, and they were pretty darn easy! It’s so convenient how everything is pre-portioned too. The meals were good! Given that I eat meat again, if we do a meal service we’ll probably do one that includes meat and fish- but this is a great option for people trying to eat plant based.

Our first meal was this yummy summer veggie ciabatta. I added the balsamic glaze because it was giving me caprese vibes. DJ a and I agreed it was good choice!

That day we successfully had a 40 minute crib nap! Her longest yet!! Wooohooo. Over the last week or so she’s been averaging 25-35 minutes which is an improvement, and the transfer into the crib has gone a lot more smoothly/more quickly! After her nap, we walked around and said hi to all the different stuffed animals in the nursery. I would tell her what it was and then put the animal in her hand. She also loves just staring at the nursery decor.

Wednesday July 27th was Quinn’s first trial half-day at daycare. I got her bags ready the night before and felt prepared logistically, less so emotionally. That morning, I walked around our neighborhood to get her fresh air to start the day and then let her nap in my carrier long as possible before taking her. When I dropped her off, they let me nurse her in a designated nursing room (I love that they have this!). I immediately felt better when chatting with her teachers-she in in excellent hands there. My biggest apprehension leaving was how she’d sleep since she isn’t always napping consistently for long periods in her crib. I also was nervous what would happen if she went into her crying mode where me (specifically) holding her is the only thing that will calm her down. But I had to remember countless babies have gone to daycare before- & the one teacher had over 24 years experience in the infant room! They know alllll the tips & tricks to calm a baby.

After dropping her off, the rest of the morning was pure chaos. Which was a great thing because it kept me preoccupied. I hardly had a second to think! Also, I was looking forward to having some quality time with Moose- we haven’t had any time just the two of us since Quinn was born.

We had Stanley Steemer coming by to do the stairs in our house and the main floor since Moose is well potty trained (minus the occasional upset stomach accident). The last time we did it was a little premature, and our carpets were in dire need of some help (this was different than the deep spot treatment we did around his crate when I was in labor– but details, schmetails). While our Dyson power scrub does the trick for most areas in the home, it’s hard to get the stairs with it- so we just went ahead and decided to hire SS. I feel like this is the most boring paragraph I’ve ever written. Carrying on…

They arrived 15 mins earlier than their window to arrive, so I was pulling back in the driveway when they were here. I tried to crate Moose while they worked, but Moose was not having it. He barked incessantly. To finally calm him down, I climbed into the crate with him while they finished working, At least I was getting that quality time! Hahah.

One of the guys came over to let me know it was time to do a walkthrough before they left, and despite his best effort to stifle a laugh, he couldn’t help but crack up at the grown woman casually sitting in the dog crate with her dog. 😆

After they left, I dropped a glass container and it shattered all over the floor- so I spent a good 15/20 minutes cleaning that up and looking for every little shard. Like I said, chaos.

Then I took Moose to the trail- just the two of us, like the olden days. I longed for Quinn, but I tried to just give all my love and attention to Moose.

I felt so much relief when the pictures started coming in on the app. I love the app this daycare uses- it shares pictures and reports feeds, diaper changes and nap times.

When Moose and I returned from our walk, I had these gorgeous flowers waiting for me. I looked at the card – they were from DJ, knowing how hard her first day of daycare would be for me. He wrote the absolute sweetest words, and I’ll save that card forever <3. It made the day much brighter!

I then made our next Purple Carrot meal, a lemon asparagus pasta, to have ready to reheat for dinner. Yum!

When I checked the app next time, I was shocked to see Quinn was sleeping soundly!!

She was already adjusting so well! I was amazed! Someone told me infant daycare teachers are “magicians”, and I’d say this is a fair description.

I did some laundry and squeezed in a 3 mile run on the treadmill. Then I picked up my girl. They said she did very well!! It’s SUCH a relief to know she’ll be ok at daycare. It was one of those things hanging over my head all maternity leave, but she is thriving there.

She was especially exhausted after the first half day, so I just let her sleep in my carrier as long as she wanted.

July 28th I soaked up tons and tons of cuddles with my girl, allowing her to rest and not pushing too many crib naps.

At the end of the day, I noticed an orange glow around the house. I peaked outside and saw a stunning sunset. I watched it as a held Quinn tight in my carrier. Just one of those simple, precious memories 💛.

The next day, July 29th was her second scheduled half day at daycare. We started the day the same- some play time followed by a nap in my carrier before taking her in. After dropping her off, I had a virtual mimosa and coffee with my friend Clair who had off work that day, and then got to work on my to-do list. I packed up all the clothes that Quinn no longer fit into, which was one heck of an emotional experience! She has grown so fast!

I deep cleaned the house that day since I ran out of time on Wednesday. It felt so good! I also went for my longest run since giving birth- I have a ways to go before I’m back to my baseline, but I don’t even care, it just felt so darn good to be back out there!

When I picked up Quinn, she seemed way less exhausted than the first day. I could tell she was already adapting to the new setting tremendously. Again, they gave a great report!

I have also learned new ideas from daycare about ways to play with Quinn at home! There are more benefits to it than I even anticipated. And the after daycare smiles when she sees me melt my heart!!

July 30th, we had a chill family day at home 🧡.

The books of the week were Wake Up Farm! And Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? So fun!

That afternoon, she slept soundly in my carrier while I made our final purple carrot meal, a chickpea curry!

Monday August 1st, technically my maternity leave was over, but there weren’t any shifts that week for me to pick up. I did not mind the extra time with my girl!

Quinn has been loving this playmat she first used at her Gigi’s!

It plays music – and guys, there is this one song about a purple monkey in a bubblegum tree that is actually good 🤣. DJ and I were like, why is that song actually catchy? We found ourselves singing it around the house and looked it up on YouTube- the comments were so funny- a lot of people looking it up due to the playmat. Someone commented “There is no reason for this song to slap so hard”. Accurate 😂.

Tuesday August 2nd, we FaceTimed my sister, Halston. Halston just took her Bar exam and returned from a celebratory trip to Aruba!

That day I prepped this pistachio harissa salmon recipe throughout the day for dinner. It was really good, but I wish I had chosen better cuts of salmon and either cooked them in the air fryer or cast iron with a little added oil to crisp them up.

I’ve been on such a kick with nutrient dense bowls for dinner too- I use a base of spring mix topped with either ground turkey or ground beef/bison and then whatever veggies/grains/toppings sound good. I also melt a little vegan cheese into the meat. Vegan cheese is wayyyy tastier melted!

I’ve found that a way to keep Quinn calm while I make dinner/do laundry/etc. is to sing to her whatever I’m doing. I just make up random songs about folding towels and chopping veggies. Some days it feels like we’re living in a musical 😆.

Quinn was gifted this sweet onesie from the nurses at work. Of course, I love it too 🥰.

She used to squirm so much when I read to her on my lap, but now she tolerates it so much better and seems to really enjoy it!! I think it helps her reflux is overall well controlled now. Books for this week were What Will I Do With My Love Today? and Goodnight Moon ☺️.

I ordered Quinn a boppy to use during playtime as an idea from daycare. She loves it!!

Something new this past week- Quinn has started turning her body 180 degrees during tummy time. She just scoots all the way around. She says “Mom, I’m bored of that direction, I’m a free baby- I will look whichever direction I want!”.

Friday August 5th, I made us bowls with bison mixed with melted vegan colby jack cheese, farro, sautéed veggies, fresh tomatoes, vegan tzatziki, hummus and kalamata olives over spring mix served with a fattoush dressing. What a mouthful – literally! I’m already craving it again!!

This week I finished Ready Player One. Soo different than the usual genre I’m into, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As I wrap up- I know this blog has changed a lot since having Quinn. I’m aware I’m that mom totally publicly obsessing over her baby- but she really is my world, and I thank you for sharing in this very special time in our lives 🥰 .

We do go on a road-trip soon. I’m simultaneously excited and dreading it considering Quinn hates the car 🥴. Wish us luck!

Questions for you:

Whatchya reading lately?

– What does August have in store for you?



12 thoughts on “Weeks 12 & 13- Starting Daycare, Purple Carrot & A Purple Monkey in a Bubblegum Tree!

  1. I’m going to have to look up that song and see what the fuss is about. 😅

    I’m currently reading The Longest Ride by Nicolas Sparks and am loving it! My husband and I were supposed to have taken a beach trip for our 4 year wedding anniversary last week, but he tested positive for COVID, so we had to stay home. We’re hopeful that we can make it up in the next few weeks, but we’ll see…

    1. Haha I added the link in the post if you’re curious 😆

      Ohh I haven’t read a Nicholas Sparks book in a long time! Good to know that’s a good one!!

      Ah I’m so sorry to hear- I hope he’s feeling better now & happy anniversary to you both! I hope you get the chance to make it there soon

  2. I am enjoying all the pictures of Quinn. She is a sweetheart and it’s okay to be a proud Momma!
    Enjoy Every Single Moment!

  3. I absolutely love that your blog discusses your motherhood journey! I think it’s beautiful and incredible. I love this post!! Way to go, Quinn. She is a rockstar baby! Excelling at her milestones and then doing so well at daycare. She’s adorable! You also look beautiful, dear! I commend you for easing into running, and those stats look stellar.

    Your meals sound amazing! My go-to choices have included turkey burgers, Aldi mediterranean chicken burgers, rotisserie chicken, Dr. Praeger’s burgers (sense a theme?), sardines, and salads with tuna. I did make a lasagna with oven-ready chickpea lasagna noodles, ricotta, mozzarella, meatballs broken up, sautéed bell pepper, whole garlic and basil pasta sauce, and parmesan sauce. It has been so good.

    I finally started to use our Lillebaby carrier, and it’s a game changer! I wear her on our morning walks now.

    I pre-ordered the next book by the author Louise Penny for her Inspector Gamache series. I read all 17 books last year, and it was so good to get back into reading!

    Ans is scheduled for her two daycare trial days next week, and while I’m sad, I’m also excited for her. Fingers crossed! I scheduled a massage with the gift card Matt gave me for my birthday, so I am looking forward to that.

    1. Aww I am so happy you enjoy these posts ☺️. Thank you for the sweet words!

      Oh I am drooling at your go-tos. I cannot wait to have real cheese again!! And what is it about rotisserie chicken that is so darn good?!

      Yayy! So happy a carrier finally is working out for you! It really is a game changer!

      Ohhh I have to look this series up- anything with multiple books I love – I get so invested in the characters and get so sad when a good book ends, so I love a series!!

      Please let me know how it goes! I’ll be thinking of you all- I know she will do so well!! That is perfect scheduling a massage too- enjoy!!

  4. Lots of big smiles with each post. Glad Moose is still smiling and enjoying a visit just the two of you … loved the pic of you in the crate with Moose. 🙂

    1. Her smiles are my favorite- highlight of my day, every day 🥰.

      I treasured that time with him! Hopefully we can get more time like that in the future, or at least more cuddles in general 💕. As she starts to nap better, I’m going to try to use her napping time to give Moose lots of love and attention.

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