Hospital Bag for Labor, Delivery & Postpartum- What I Actually Used

Packing for the hospital, I was sure I overpacked. Turns out, I did 🤪. I thought it’d be helpful to share what I actually used, and for baby #2, God willing, I will have this list handy and ready to go! No overpacking next time ;).

For labor & delivery :

Cloud slides. Ok these made all the difference during labor. I walked countless laps with DJ around the nursing station before getting the epidural, and they made the walk so comfy. Whenever I got a contraction I’d look at my shoes and slowly count each step to have something to focus on. I also wore them in the shower on the postpartum unit. And I wear them alll the time now too.

Lollipops. Depending on hospital policy, you may or may not be allowed to have these, but they helped a lot with preventing a dry mouth, and it was nice to have a little flavor as a distraction. They really only helped in early labor; once things got intense I had no interest. But postpartum, they have helped me stay awake during nursing sessions in the middle of the night.

Jasmine Essential Oil. I loved putting a couple drops on a cotton ball and smelling them during contractions. The scent was calming and give me a distraction. Also, even just that little bit made the room smell amazing. Our diaper bag still smells of jasmine, and it makes me so happy because it takes me back to the labor and delivery.

Thank you gift & cards: I ordered the Good Grocer box for both the L & D and postpartum units. I filled out the cards on the last day, and then DJ delivered it to our L & D nurse for us – she was incredible & I wanted to put extra time into her note.

For postpartum unit:

Extra ice packs! The hospital does have ice packs, but I went through them so quickly I had wished I brought extra with me so I didn’t have to call the nurse in so frequently to restock. I specifically like this brand linked here better than the Frida packs.

Witch Hazel. For this, I specifically like the Frida product. I tried a couple different brands, and this one was the best and most effective for cooling and relief in my opinion.

Nursing Gown. I lived in this & my robe at the hospital. It felt much more comfortable wearing this than the hospital gown. It is great to wear to bed postpartum too since it’s so easy to nurse in.

Robe. This robe was perfect for the hospital- not too warm, not too light.

Toiletries & Hairbrush. The shower after giving birth was one of the best showers of my life. Besides everything Quinn, showering was the highlight of my day in the hospital. It made me feel so much better and energized. So, having all my normal toiletries was essential !

Cozy slippers. It felt so cozy to put these on with the robe after a shower. We couldn’t walk the postpartum unit due to COVID, but just moving about the room and tending to Quinn was way more enjoyable with these on. I wear these all the time at home now. Also they’re super easy to put through the washing machine which is a bonus.

Announcement outfit and announcement sign for Quinn.

Snacks!!! I ate up all the snacks I brought with me. I was so hungry being up pretty much 24-7 and breastfeeding.

Going home outfit for Quinn. Love this one from Posh Peanut! I can’t believe how itty bitty she was in this photo! 🥹

Going home outfit for me. I just packed yoga pants, a baseball cap, a nursing bra and a light maternity shirt. This was the only time I put on “real clothes” my entire hospital stay.

Misc.: Cell phone and charger, contact for pediatrician, insurance and ID, DJ’s bag (toiletries/clothes), car seat ready in car, contact list for sharing the news!

And that’s about it!



8 thoughts on “Hospital Bag for Labor, Delivery & Postpartum- What I Actually Used

  1. Such a fun list! I ended up bringing the following: snacks, Frida Mom C-section recovery kit, toiletries, nursing hoodie, joggers, nursing bra, & my coming home outfit that consisted of my Not Perfect Linen “Old London” top in cinnamon rose 😍, khaki-green capri length pants with a drawstring waist, & sandals with a little platform sole. It made me feel nice as we left. I changed soon after getting home to protect my C-section scar. Even though Ans surprised us coming early, I had my bag already packed, thankfully! I didn’t have a lightweight robe, so I didn’t bring one. I just wore my grip socks from my kit & from the hospital. I wish I had already bought these sandals, though because I did walk the halls. Well, hobbled the first time & walked more the second attempt. 😆 Thank you for sharing these links!

    1. Ok I am so impressed with you wearing such a cute outfit home!! Adorable! That’s so great you had your bags packed – I had just packed mine before she came too— Thank goodness! Frida products are awesome, I love that they have a full c section kit! Thanks for sharing what you used too- it’s so fun to chat about it allll!

  2. Such a great list! I was induced in the evening, so I slept through most of the time before the epidural, but those cloud slides are a great idea!

    1. Oh that sounds like a lovely way to do a delivery!

      Yes these slides are awesome – I wear them everywhere !

      Thanks for stopping in & your comments, Katy ☺️ so fun to chat with you !

  3. What a sweet way to commemorate some of your pregnancy and Quinn memories! Also thanks for the shoe recommendation–they’re on sale now so I nabbed some!

    1. Aw yay!! I hope you find them as awesome & comfy as I do!! Enjoy! Thanks for stopping in, Taylor & have a wonderful weekend ☺️

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