Weeks 5 & 6!

Top of the morning to ya!! After so many blog posts, I figured I’d try out a new greeting 😜. Oh did you hear? Emojis are no longer ‘cool’. I think there have been murmurs about this since early 2021, but I’m just now coming out of the stage of denial. So alas, we’re at a crossroads: Continue to use my beloved laughing face with tears…even when things aren’t all that funny …or put the emojis aside at an attempt to keep up with the times. I will have to think on it 🤔.

Anyway! I am very excited to dive into weeks 5 & 6. They were definitely better overall than the two weeks prior! While there was no set routine per say, it felt like the days had/have some sort of rhythm: wake up, put Quinn in her dock-a-tot while I quickly get into the first yoga pants and tshirt I can grab, have breakfast with her either in the carrier or swing (whichever she’ll tolerate), go for a walk, have lunch, do misc. chores in the afternoon while she naps in carrier (she didn’t nap well outside the carrier during those weeks), play time after feeds (tummy time/contrast books/Lovevery play gym/bouncer) and read my kindle or watch a few episodes of housewives of NJ with downtime. I usually start dinner earlier than I used to, around 5. We still even have a couple crockpot meals left! I think weeks 5 & 6 were also somewhat better because we started understanding her cues better- a hungry vs overtired cry for example, and we started to learn the best soothing techniques for specifics times of day/situations.

The evenings of week 5 & 6 were tough though because she had a definite witching hour between the hours of 8-11 pm. Knock on wood, writing this at week 7, this has improved a lot!!

June 3rd we started the morning with lots of snuggles. She loves having her hands up by her face, I’m pretty sure that’s how she was most of the time in the womb.

Hehe, I love this pic.

We didn’t go on a walk that morning due to a scheduled doctors appt, so we played a lot on her play mat and then came home for lunch after the appt.

June 4th was such a great, lazy day. I love weekends especially because DJ is here all day. We went on a walk in the morning, and then I soaked up all the cuddles with Quinn in the afternoon. That evening we watched a couple episodes of Yellowstone – our latest obsession.

June 5th we started the day with a walk again. As I walked back from the bathroom on the trail, I captured DJ juggling these two like a pro!

That afternoon we went over to see Quinn’s Poppy, Sissy and Aunts!

 In the morning of June 6th, we met with the nurse practitioner I mentioned in my last post. That’s when things really started to turn the corner! I’m so thankful for her. We see her again for Quinn’s 2 month appointment.

 That afternoon after some play time we took this sweet pea’s one month photo 🥰. But also, it amazed me that a month had already passed! Howww. And now we’re already coming up on two!

A lot of times when DJ gets home, he’ll play with her while I run up to shower. She does so well on the play mat. She particularly loves just laying on her back and kicking away. Writing this at week 7, she’s already rolled over 4 times (!!).

 The morning of June 7th I went on a walk with Moose & Quinn, I know I sound like a broken record!

 I was on a kick that week of stuffed sweet potatoes for dinner. This one had avocado, green beans, a vegan burger, artichoke hearts and wilted kale. I love topping these with Noble Made dressings.

June 8th we received another adorable photo of Moose and Crush together 🥰.

She sent us home with some awesome pics of Moose she had taken!

That afternoon, Rach, her sister, Olivia, and Trotter came by to see Quinn 💕.

 Gigi came by on June 9th and knowing how challenging things had been lately, she brought over the sweetest gift and card. The words of encouragement in her card meant the world and came at such a perfect time. She also has been helping me out so much with getting naps in and caring for Quinn while I get things done. So thankful for her being close!

June 10th, DJ went out of town for a wedding for the weekend. I decided to try seeing how Quinn would do in her crib that evening. I set up a makeshift bed on the floor next to her crib to sleep on for the night.

Moose thought it was a bed for him though.

Overall, she did well! I was excited thinking oh, she just wants to be in a crib, but then the next two nights didn’t go well so back to the original co-rooming we went. (I way prefer this anyway).

Late that evening my sister, Andrea, flew in from Colorado to meet Quinn for the first time!

 The next day was a wild one. The morning of June 11th started out normal- we had breakfast then headed out for our walk. It was a busy day on the trail, so I was grateful my sister was with me. She took Moose and I walked Quinn in the stroller. For the second part of the walk, we switched since Moose can be quite the handful when there are so many people and dogs on the trail! Near the end of the trail, we spotted a goose off to the side. We were a little nervous having Moose pass by, but the goose was not bothered by the people and bikers going by. Andrea and Quinn went first with no issues. Then I started walking and had a gut feeling things were not going to go well. The goose started hissing. I created as much space as possible, but it didn’t matter. Moose lunged and the goose angrily threw up its wings and started chasing us. Moose was freaked out and darted the other way… taking me with him. I had the waist leash on, so I couldn’t just let go. I was drug through gravel and concrete. When we finally stopped, I was glued to the ground but in my periphery I could see a blur of gray wings an arms reach away that I knew belonged to the goose. I heard Moose yelp and was terrified he was getting attacked or bit. He took off again, and I was drug a second time. This time the goose didn’t follow, thank goodness. My sister saw the whole thing and reassured me Moose and the goose never made contact. I think he yelped because he felt cornered or in response to my own screams. I was so shaken up and quite injured with deep scrapes on my hands and knees, so she came over to get Moose. I took the stroller (thankfully Quinn and Andi were far away from the event). The goose dived into the brush on the other end of the trail and my sister and Moose made it across safely. Let’s just say, the term “goose chase” has taken on a whole new meaning for me!

When we got home, I got all cleaned and bandaged up, and then we had lunch. After, I was able to get in a nap while we watched some shows.

Once refreshed, I decided it would be good to tackle setting up a bean bag lounger for Quinn. I bought this as it was advertised to be good for reflux. It was such a pain in the butt to put together (something that should just be so simple?), and the beans got EVERYWHERE. I still am finding them today! Coupling the pain I was in from my morning bath of gravel with the frustration with this bean bag, I just started crying. The tears ended up turning to laughter when we realized just how truly ridiculous the whole bean bag situation was. We decided to document the whole crazy fiasco with this picture!

 The night really turned up when my sister cooked us up a delicious meal of coconut chicken.

Of course, this sweet girl lifted my spirits too! The look she’s giving me in this picture cracks me up!

Fortunately, June 12th was way less eventful. Since DJ got home around 1 AM, he was there in the morning to go on the walk with us. It was a much smoother walk, goose free!

Andi made us a yummy Korean pancake for lunch, one of her favorite recipes she graciously shared with me!

Moose loves playing with her play mat 😆.

That evening I made us shrimp tacos in the air fryer. I crave these!!!

For dessert, I had a pitaya bowl with berries, pb2 to mix in and part of a Go Macro bar.

Sadly, we said goodbye to Andi the next day- so thankful she was able to make it here though ❤️.

June 14th, Gigi came by to spend time with us and gave me some time to get in a wonderful nap. I just love this picture!!

And here’s a random picture of Moose being Moose.

When my mom was here, she got me a basil plant given how quickly I go through it. On June 15th, I whipped up a caprese for DJ and used some of it! It smells so amazing and fresh. I have zero green thumb, so I just hope I can keep this thing alive, lol.

Oh look, it’s more Moose being Moose.

 Marie is out of town for a few weeks, and he’s definitely been acting up. I think he misses his friends 🥺. Plus he’s just not expending as much energy, so he’s getting into everyyyyything.

This picture is from June 16th. My sweet girl lost much of her hair in weeks 5 & 6, leaving her with this adorable mini mullet! Midway through week 7 while I’m writing this, it has mostly grown back!

June 17th, Renee and Ender (my sister in law and my nephew) stopped by. It was so fun seeing them and seeing Ender interact with Quinn. He kept bringing over little “gifts” to her (usually one of Moose’s dog toys). It was so cute.

Moose has really warmed up to Quinn. He likes being close to her and actually has become very protective of her/more protective in general.

 And that wraps up weeks 5 & 6!!

Peace out all!!!

Question for you:

Do you have any encounter with wildlife type stories?

Are you on any food kicks right now?



25 thoughts on “Weeks 5 & 6!

  1. Oh my goodness, she is just SO beautiful and precious!!!!
    All of the food in this post, per usual, made me hungry. It’s 6:30 am and I haven’t had breakfast yet, but now I want a massive sandwich with mustard. HA! (Of course, I wouldn’t be able to taste it, so I’ll just enjoy looking at your pictures. Ha, ha).
    Moose is so adorable, and I love that he’s a protective fur-brother.
    Awww, that goose story! Geese honestly terrify me. I’ve been chased by a dog before while running… The sad thing is that the dog was really tiny, so it probably looked kind of silly that I was running away in pure terror. ha, ha. But little dogs have teeth too, and I wasn’t sticking around to see what it might feel like to have it bite me. Oh fun times. 😉

    1. Thank you, Nicole!! I hope you ended up getting a good massive sammy! With how hungry breastfeeding makes me, my lunches get pushed to earlier and earlier these days, sometimes as early as 930/945 🤣. Moose is such a great big brother, it is so sweet how protective he is. Ok getting chased by a dog would be terrifying no matter the size- like you said, those teeth!!, but that is funny to visualize 😆. Glad all was ok lol!!

  2. Oh my goodness! You had a time with a goose and a bean bag! Holy cow!
    Your little Quinn is precious! And Moose is a good big brother!
    You are a wonderful Momma… it does get easier…! (I can say this as my two boys are in their 30’s! lol)
    Happy July!

  3. We have Canadian geese near the ponds in our neighborhood and I’m not looking forward to the day they decide to get hostile. For the most part, they keep to themselves. I’m glad you are ok, scrapes and bruises aside.
    I love family that lives close to help out. My parents moved a year after our kid was born from Georgia to here in Texas and it was a game changer. We eventually moved even closer to them and we are now 10 mins away from each other.
    Precious pictures, as always. Those bows are just adorable!

    1. Thank you, Katy- it was wild in every sense of the word!! I’m so glad so far they’ve stayed to themselves for y’all – hopefully they stay that way! I think they particularly get hostile when they have a nest, I’m guessing that’s what was going on with the one we saw. That is so awesome your parents moved closer! A game changer for sure!! Thanks for stopping in 💕

  4. So sweet, I love every single picture of Quinn! And how special that Moose is feeling protective over her–and agreeing to share “his” playmat with her. That video cracked me up!

    Also, I am with you on the emoticons–I think my brain has changed and I have a hard time expressing myself in text without them, so I’ll continue to use them and just be uncool.

    1. Aww thank you, friend 🥰 isn’t he a hoot?! We tried every dog bed in the book for him, he hated them all- but he’s obsessed with her playmat 🤣

      SO AGREE about emoticons!!! I am embracing the uncool for sure. Not just in that area either hahah. We have gen Z little sisters and realize just how “uncool” we have become 😅

  5. I just love all the photos of Quinn! I’m so glad these weeks improved. All of your food looks so good & especially your sandwich!

    That goose story sounds horrible! I’m so incredibly sorry you experienced that. Then the bean chair fiasco to top it off. I’m glad you ended up getting a good laugh out of them both!

    I love your updates!!

    I don’t know that I have a wildlife story. 🤔 And as far as food cravings: juicy fruits still, rice cakes, pb pretzel bites, crunchy sea salt chickpeas.

    1. Thanks, Kori!! I have been on such a kick with that sandwich- speaking of, I love hearing about the food kicks you’ve been on! I bought a bag of the crunchy sea salt chickpeas and have loved putting them on salads, in stuffed sweet potatoes and just eating from the bag too!! Thanks for reading, happy to hear you enjoy these updates ☺️

  6. Well they weren’t wild, but when I was younger, I was attacked by 3 peacocks and hate them still to this day. So sorry you and Moose had a time of it with that goose.

      1. On a family-friend’s farm. I was taking a break after working some farm chores and sat down in the shade with my back against the pen that had the peacocks. They started pecking at my head/hair through the fence.

  7. Quinn is just adorable and it looks like Moose really loves her. I could look at your pictures all day long. I had to tell my hubby about the goose adventure, how awful!

  8. Those Canada Goose parents are just as protective of their goslings, or even the gander when the Mama is sitting on a nest, as a human parent. It is devotion to their young that cause them to defend against you, even though the last thing you’d do is hurt them. It is admirable and scary. Thank goodness everyone is okay. I once took a bag of bread cut up to the Park to feed the ducks – then I didn’t know bread is bad for waterfowls. I saw no ducks, so there were a few Canada Geese grazing, so I threw down the bread and moved on. Next thing I knew, there was a group of geese meeting me at the other side of the path, I assume for more bread. I threw up my hands to show them I had nothing else with me, but they continued marching toward me … I ran away to catch up with a group of walkers and mingled with them until they lost me in the crowd. I also had a mute swan go after me a few years ago after taking photos of him and his Missus.

    1. So true!! I am pretty sure there was a nest nearby . These stories make my hair stand on end just reading them! Being marched at my an entire flock (!!!). Glad you found that group of walkers . And I have heard swans can be mean too. Glad we’re all ok ! I had a feeling you may have a couple stories 😄

  9. Hi Mackenzie ! I am not giving up my bitmoji girl !! I really like sending messages with her featured . It is nice that you can figure Quinn’s cues, something parents of a newborn have to experience. Look at Quinn in that yellow shirt and cute bow ! Awww the beanbag episode might have been a fiasco but it is a memory to live long , and is now documented in photos, good job Mackenzie! Good job by Andrea, the pancake looks yummy ! Oh Moose!! You didnt just do that did you?? Awww I love her mullet ! You know this is the only time Quinn and her Dad will have similar hairstyles ! Thanks for the post, have a great weekend, Terri xo.

    1. I’m glad you’re keeping her ! I am keeping on using my emojis too! The bean bag fiasco is definitely a funny memory 😆. LOL about her and Dad having similar hairstyles!

      Thanks for reading, friend! Have a great week

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