Weeks 3 & 4!

Hey hey!! How are you doing today? I have The Housewives of New Jersey playing in the background (my latest guilty pleasure) while Quinn is sleeping in my arms. I think this is as good a time as ever to start chipping away at this post!

So weeks 3 & 4…. were rough. It’s funny because some people say 1 & 2 are the hardest, but that did not prove true for us. Everything was going so smoothly weeks 1 & 2 thennnn not so much.

I’ll try to sum all that up quickly and then focus on the beautiful, wonderful moments over those weeks because those sure were there too and outshine any of the bad💕.

Soon after Quinn was born, I recognized she may have a cow’s milk protein allergy due to *unusual* stools, so we took her to the pediatrician, and they suspected it as well. I had to cut out dairy and soy from my diet (soy has a high likelihood of cross intolerance), but no big deal – whatever was best for her I would do in a heartbeat. She had no other issues or symptoms we noticed though. Those first two weeks, Quinn started out sleeping ok in her bassinet (as good as you could expect for a newborn). Then in week 3 she stopped sleeping in the bassinet entirely. She developed such horrible reflux and congestion that kept her awake, and she sounded extremely uncomfortable whenever we laid her down flat. The only way she would sleep was on one of us. Thankfully my mom was there week 3 when DJ returned to work, and she took over holding her the second half of the night between feeds. My mom said she loved that time though- she soaked up tons of cuddles and was able to make it through a couple books by the end of the week.

Anyway, back to the reflux- we tried everything we could think of to get her to sleep comfortably and to address the reflux, but nothing worked. It was the most heartbreaking thing seeing her uncomfortable. When my mom left week 4, that’s when things got extra hard because I was getting only an hour or two of sleep in a 24 hr. period (DJ helped me get a nap when he got home). I went from being on cloud 9 the first couple weeks to feeling suddenly down, helpless and exhausted beyond words by the fourth week. I was desperate for her to feel better & for any sleep myself. I also started experiencing mom guilt about various things for the first time- I have never experienced guilt like mom guilt, even if it’s probably many times objectively unwarranted.

Monday June 6th we met with a nurse practitioner who made all the difference. She really heard us out, cared about my own well being as well as Quinn’s and came up with some unconventional, yet safe, solutions we hadn’t tried yet. She also prescribed reflux meds that certainly have helped! Things started turning the corner. Here at week 6, we still don’t have any night routine that has stuck, but we overall are all getting more sleep & Quinn seems more at ease. I’d guess I get 4 hours minimum in 24 hrs. which has made all the difference! Also, Gigi has really come to the rescue and has helped me get some good naps in. We also had a couple specialist appointments those weeks to rule out anything mores serious causing the reflux, and thankfully nothing was found.

Anyway, I’m just so grateful it’s nothing serious causing her symptoms, and this will all improve with time. I just want her to be comfortable and happy more than anything!

Ok, onto the good stuff !!!

Saturday May 21st, Quinn met her Great Aunt Jean in the afternoon 💕.

That evening, DJ held her while studying for a certification exam he’s taking next year. I think the way she’s snuggled up on his shoulder is so sweet.

 May 22nd we started the day with a family walk on the trail.

 That afternoon my mom (Quinn’s Grammy) arrived in town! Woohoo! This was her first time meeting Quinn in person. Needless to say, she was ecstatic to meet her first grandchild!

 For an appetizer prior to dinner, we made a little vegan cheese and cracker tray.

 We had Piada for dinner. My mom-in-law (Gigi) dropped off some vegan food and treats the day before since I can no longer have dairy, so we indulged in those that evening. SO sweet of her 💕. Also these desserts were amazing!!

 While my mom was here we worked a lot on getting Quinn to take a pacifier. My mom was successful a few times. Quinn was certainly less eager to take one from me at the beginning but has improved since.

 Our daily routine that week started with my mom taking Quinn while I got dressed/had breakfast then we’d switch. Then we’d head out to the trail for a lovely walk. It was unanimously one of our favorite parts of the day!

 We’d go back home around 11 and start to make lunch after changing and feeding Quinn. I’ve been on a real kick of a Turkey sandwich on Dave’s bread with vegan cheese, avocado, tomato, lettuce and mustard. Usually I have a salty side like Hippeas, Snappea crisps or pretzel thins along with a piece of Hu dark chocolate. Oh, side note- some deli Turkey has casein in it, which is a milk protein (who knew?!), so I’ve been careful to make sure to buy “casein free” turkey.

That evening we had Ichiban Sushi for dinner. I was able to get some rolls soy free and used a soy-free soy sauce. SO yummy!

Since it was DJ’s first week back at work, he was very eager to hold her the minute he walked through the door ❤️

May 24th we tried our the bungee waist leash for the first time with Moose! Even though my mom was there and willing to help, I wanted to see if I could manage both Moose & the stroller while I still had backup. Thankfully, it was a smooth first walk!

In the afternoons, we would usually relax/cuddle with Quinn, do Tummy time (she turned over for the first time at 3 weeks- WHAT), read her contrast books to her, take turns taking naps and watch The Circle (we watched a season together in Texas so it was fun to watch the latest season together again here!).


That afternoon we added a bath to the mix. She really loves her bath time!

 That evening my mom made a delicious meatloaf with corn, mashed potatoes and veggies. So good!! We decided people are sleepin’ on meatloaf. Why is it not a more common dish these days?

Snuggles with Grammy ❤️

May 25th, while Moose was at Marie’s, we received the sweetest update from her! Apparently this adorable little puppy followed Moose around the whole day and looked up to him like a big brother 🥺❤️.

That day we also had a peds appt and then received the referrals.

On May 26th we scheduled the specialist appts back to back. We went on a walk in the morning as usual then went to the appts. Quinnie handled it all like a champ!!

My mom watched Moose while she dropped us off at one appointment since we went straight there from the walk.

 She also picked us up Starbucks while at one of the appts. I loved this decaf iced americano with oat milk and one pump of sugar free vanilla. Might be my new go-to there!

Since we were obsessed with my mom’s Instapot ribs the last time she was here, she made them up again that evening! Sooo goood!

 May 27th we went on a walk with Rachel in the morning. We all chatted about our recent reads a lot of the walk, and inspired by my mom starting a book club in Texas, Rachel decided to start a book club here with some coworkers and friends. I’m excited for our first meeting in July!

In the afternoon we took Quinn to meet her Nana Vi (her great grandma on Pete’s side). It was so so sweet. She gifted Quinn a silver sippy cup with her name and birthday engraved along with a beautiful spoon that says “blessed” and included the most thoughtful card to boot. This gift was my impetus to get Quinn a personal keepsake box.

Also random side note- I think I’ve worn a hat every day of maternity leave 😅. I cannot wait to get my hair done again! Should I go for the mom chop next time I get it done?

That evening Moose cuddled up to my mom while we watched The Circle. Had to get a picture!

We also received another sweet text from Marie that day. So proud of Moose!

 The morning of May 28th I took my car in to have the windows tinted so the UV rays would be blocked from getting to Quinn’s skin. It was my first time being away from her. Even though it was only about 30 minutes total, it was not easy! But it helped knowing she was in good hands with my mom.

That afternoon, Pete (Quinn’s Grampy) arrived in town! I put Quinn in the onesie I used to announce I was pregnant to them (it says I can’t wait to meet you Grandma & Grandpa, May 2022).

 Pete was one proud Grampy holding his granddaughter for the first time !

 In the pic above it looks like she’s saying, “please Mom, enough with the photos!”).

That evening we had corned beef sandwiches, okra, green peas & potatoes with carrots – yum!!

Quinn was loving her Grammy & Grampy reading her contrast books to her.

The morning of May 29th we all went out on a walk. Our crew grew from just my mom and me with Quinn and Moose most of the week to us, DJ and Pete!

Time to upgrade to a minivan?

 In the afternoon, Pete helped with some projects around the house. He’s a miracle worker when it comes to any house projects. Even things I think can’t be remedied, he finds a way! I was able to sneak in a nap, and we all spent time with Quinn (including Moose!).

First time using baby bouncer since she passed up the 8 lbs. minimum.

We also FaceTimed my Aunt Terry that afternoon too!

 That evening we finished The Circle. It was a pretty good season!

May 30th we went on a shorter walk in the morning since it was so warm outside. That afternoon some family friends came by to meet Quinn, and then it was time to say goodbye to my mom and Pete :(.

It was a hard goodbye, but I was so grateful for my mom’s help that week. And Pete’s help with house projects. It was sooooo good to see them.

June 1st was just a much needed chill day with lots of cuddles.

June 2nd I took Moose and Quinn out on the trail myself for the first time! It went well. It helped we got out there super early.

Gigi stopped in the morning to see Quinn 💕.

I finally figured out how to use this carrier wrap before my mom & Pete left, and now I spend much of my days with Quinn snuggly in it. She loves it, and it allows me to get stuff done around the house too!

I adore this picture of her and DJ!

June 3rd we spent some time in the nursery together reading books and rocking in the rocking chair. I feel so calm whenever we’re in there.

 And that brings us to the end of week 4!

Hope you all have a great week ahead 🙂

Question for you:

What food/dish do you think is underrated?



22 thoughts on “Weeks 3 & 4!

  1. 100% agree; meatloaf is the best! I went home to visit my parents this past weekend for Father’s Day and mom made meatloaf with mashed potatoes, deviled eggs and boiled carrots Friday night when I got in–probably my favorite meal she makes. So good!

  2. Oh goodness, we had the same exact timeline for both of our kids! The first two weeks were so easy, and I was thinking, “Wow, I’ve got this!” Then week 3 hit… Ha, ha! That is also when both Brady and Kaitlyn showed signs of the dairy and soy allergies, as well as awful acid reflux. The reflux meds (on top of the diet) really helped both of my kiddos as well.
    Mom guilt is NO joke!!! The pressure we put on ourselves to care for our babies is unreal. We expect to be able to solve the impossible and to juggle absolutely everything at all times.
    So true about meatloaf! It’s so delicious, but we rarely make it. Now I kind of feel like I should make it next week… Ha, ha.
    Quinn is just so beautiful!!!! And you just seem to be such a natural mama. 🙂
    Those mornings and days spent with family sound so precious.

    1. No way! Thanks for sharing this- Not that I would wish the reflux/allergies on anyone, but it does make me feel less alone knowing you went through it exactly, and it helps seeing your kiddos thriving today!! Thank you for relating about the mom guilt too- no joke is right!!

      Ohhh I hope you did make that meatloaf, uh oh, now I’m craving it again lolll

      Thank you for your sweet words! They are precious days for sure 💕☺️

  3. Oh my goodness, this post is so sweet! To start, you’re ROCKING it! (And so is Moose, by the looks of Marie’s texts and your photo of him with Quinn!) I’m so impressed you’re sharing the hard parts with us, and remain amazed at your ability to be generally good humored about even the hard parts.

    This is the sweetest post, and I’m so happy to hear you, Quinn, and DJ have gotten in a lot of family time. The first things I thought about when you said you were cutting dairy and soy were coffee, cheese, and sushi, ha! Sounds like you’ve found great replacements for each and wow to Gigi for bringing you dairy-free (Texas-based!!) ice cream. I’m glad it sounds like you’re having lots of bonding time and finding people (like that NP–go her for listening and suggesting several things to help!) to help you with the stuff that can be difficult. You and your sweet family are in my prayers, and I’m looking forward to the next update!

    And as for food that I think is underrated, I have a pretty mainstream palate, so if it is rated or overrated, I like it! I love avocados, kale, beets, etc., which are all pretty publicized nowadays. I do think edamame is amazingly delicious and versatile but doesn’t always get a ton of attention. A few other foods I really like but don’t always get enough of are balsamic reduction (the thick, sweet stuff, not the vinegar–though that’s good, too), flaky sea salt, cornbread, big heirloom tomatoes, and saffron rice.

    1. Aw thank you, Taylor! Moose is being such a good and protective big brother 😊 Aw thanks for saying that- blogging helps me keep things in perspective, it’s been really good with helping me focus on the good over the years!

      Oh yess how in the world would I go without those three staples!! I do miss being able to eat the real cheese, but the alternatives these days are pretty darn impressive!! And that ice cream!!! 😋

      Thank you SO much for the prayers, that really means a lot!

      Haha I am cracking up – (rated or overrated) 😂. I love reading through these foods! I agree edamame is deeeelish. I used to eat a bag of it every day in high school. Agree about balsamic reduction! We use it on our caprese and it’s so yummy. The rest of these have my mouth watering!! Amen to all this! Especially flaky sea salt!! One time I had sea salt on cornbread at a restaurant- and that was a heckuvah delicious combo!!!

  4. I’ve said it before, but you are a rockstar! I’m so so sorry that Quinn was uncomfortable, but kudos to you for finding the right NP to help. I love that your family has been able to be so involved & helpful! Quinn is ADORABLE.

    I actually meal prepped meatloaf & had it frozen for when Ansley was to arrive, & I made one more batch since she’s been born. It’s a fantastic, classic dish!

  5. Absolutely adore all of these pictures, so so good to see your mom and Pete in them as well as they had to be thrilled to spend time with all three of you. You are an amazing mom and feel so blessed to be close by. Love you all! And by the way, no to the mom chop! You have gorgeous hair!!!!

  6. I am so sorry you guys had some rough times with Quinn. I can vividly remember hotting a wall with Sadie when she was like two or three weeks and thinking “Do I have to do this for the next 18 years? How will I survive?” But as you already know, things get better (and I promise they just keep getting sweeter!!) and help comes just when you need it. She’s ADORABLE! I am so happy for you!

  7. Oh wow – what a cutie pie Quinn is and so many more pics with her eyes open. Such a beauty you two have created. 🙂 You all, including Mom, Pete and Gigi, are having such a fun time snuggling and spoiling her with hugs, kisses. I love the adorable clothes and hair bows. Moose is taking it in stride and I’m convinced he has has figured out that sharin’ the love includes Moosie too. 🙂 How did DJ like his photo and frame Quinn gave him for his first Father’s Day?

    1. Aww thanks, Linda!! 😊 she is certainly so loved and spoiled by her grandparents! Aww yes Moose is always part of the love 🥰 he has becoming quite protective of her recently, it’s really sweet.

      DJ loved it! It was a great Fathers Day! Thanks for asking 🙂

  8. We had to deal with reflux with our kid, too. It is the worst! Also, the picture of Quinn and DJ is precious. I also love the faces of family when they hold a new baby for the first time! Glad you have such good support and that you are get out on walks!

    1. Hi Katy!! It really is! It’s just so awful seeing how uncomfortable they are ☹️ I’m grateful it’s something that will get better as she grows!

      Aww she is certainly so loved!!

      Thank you tons, friend!! Hope all is well with you 🙂

  9. Hi Mackenzie ! I am sorry to hear that you had to cut dairy and soy from your diet. Also Acid reflux is so hard on a little one like Quinn. It is not easy for any of you. We have had experience of acid reflux also when some of our kids were little, we were recommended to go on a special formula . I am glad the NP was able to help and get Quinn on some meds. such a cute pic of DJ studying and Quinn on his shoulder. Such a special day it was for your Mom to meet her Granddaughter! Look at that cutie in her bathtowel !! We had to upgrade to a minivan but that was with 4 kids ! I love the carrier wrap, it will be so nice for you. I definitely think meatloaf is underappreciated ! Have a great day all, hugs to Quinn ❤ Terri xo.

    1. Aw thanks Terri! It was a tough adjustment at first, but I’m definitely in a good groove with knowing what to eat now. Oh yes you understand how tough the reflux can be after going through it with your kids 😞, no fun!!! I hope they were able to get it under control for yours quickly, we are luckily in a pretty good place with it now with Quinn! DJ is wanting to upgrade his truck to a minivan too, we actually have been looking at them lately- maybe after baby #2, God willing! Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day too!

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