Postpartum Stay & First Mother’s Day!

Good morning!! I hope you all are having a great week 🙂 It’s 5 AM here, and my girl is sleeping soundly on my shoulder while her milk digests. I figured why not write a post before we both go back to bed (bassinet in her case).

I left off last time heading to the postpartum unit. We arrived to the unit around 4 AM and got settled in. The room was itty bitty and there was barely room to move, but we had all we needed- a bassinet for Quinn, a reclining chair for DJ and bed for me. And my bag full of snacks ;). We tried to get some sleep between the feeds, but I was so wired with adrenaline I found it near impossible to actually fall asleep.

We did have a serious scare that morning around 9 AM. When cuddling with Quinn, she started choking and started turning blue. She wasn’t clearing whatever it was with back slaps or any attempt to get up whatever was causing the choking. Our nurse immediately took her out of the room. I think I can speak for DJ too when I say it was the scariest single moment of our lives- I’ve never known such intense fear. We watched the nurses through the glass to the nursery and when they gave us a thumbs up I felt weak with relief. They deep suctioned her and had found she had a thick piece of mucus lodged in her throat from the amniotic fluid. They said this can happen within the first 48 hours after birth. DJ and I took turns making sure we had an eye on her at every second through that 48 hour window. I thanked God, and still thank Him, over and over that she is ok. The nurses were amazing too – and did not miss a beat. I tell this not to place fear in anyone, but for parents out there to be aware of this in the slight chance it ever happens (I had no idea this was a thing!) and to know where the code button is in your postpartum room.

Immediately after the incident happened, they placed her skin to skin with me, and it felt like all was right in the world. The rest of the day as we shook off the shock, we spent our time cuddling her, announcing her birth to friends and family and keeping up with the pain management post delivery (wowza! The pain that first few days sure was something else!). She also breastfed like a champ all day. I love and treasure the breastfeeding experience so much; I’m grateful it has gone well from the beginning because I recognize that’s not always the case. I also was able to sneak in a shower which felt amazing. It’s kind of incredible what a luxury a shower can feel like in the hospital.

That evening, they offered to do her first bath, called a swaddle immersion bath. She did really well with it! She met one of her great Aunts too!

And back to more cuddles 💕 It does not get better than this. I cherished (and still cherish) every second.

 Saturday, May 7th, was much more relaxed and uneventful (thank goodness). We continued our snuggling, took lots and lots of pictures of her and ordered Door Dash for a couple meals. I still ate my free meals from the hospital too – the breastfeeding hunger is no joke!!

That evening, Quinn met her Poppy and Sissy (one set of her grandparents) for the first time 🥰. Special moments!

Since there was some uncertainty exactly when my water broke and due to the choking episode, they decided to keep us an extra night. I didn’t mind, it really made a huge difference in our confidence by the time we left. The hardest part was being confined to that small room and being soooo sleep deprived. Writing this a few weeks later, the hospital was the most sleep deprived we have been through the whole postpartum period (which is saying something!). At one point I fell asleep talking mid-sentence. I’ve never done that before 😅.

DJ was so unbelievably supportive and helped me with everything. He definitely changed more diapers than I did while we were in there, he always made sure my water bottle was full & my snacks were within reach. I imagined during the postpartum time in the hospital we would watch a lot of shows or read books- but all we really did was stare at our girl pretty much the whole time.

When Sunday May 8th rolled around, it was time for us to be discharged! It was pretty special getting to go home with Quinn on Mother’s Day 🥰. We got our bags packed and put her going home outfit on!

A lot happened between the above picture and the next one. When we got home around noon. We went to see our Moose, let him out and introduce him to Quinn. The dog sitter had told us he was acting a little odd that morning, licking his behind and chasing his tail in circles. We have seen this before and usually something is just irritating his bum. But when we let him out of the crate we immediately knew something was actually wrong. DJ called my dad in law, who dropped everything right away and came over with my step mom in law and sisters. The guys took Moose to the ER and the rest of us stayed here with Quinn. Thankfully Moose was ok, he got some antibiotics and steroids on board and is fully recovered now. What an eventful first day home, eh?

Once they got back, we had lunch all together from Piada (probably my current fave restaurant for quick eats!) and all spent time with Quinn.

That evening, my MIL (Quinn’s Gigi), Renee and her fiancé, Chris, and Quinn’s cousin, Ender, all came by to meet her! 🥰

We FaceTimed my mom and Pete that evening too. We were counting down to when they’d be able to fly into town!

It was a very special day (and thankfully Moose ended up being ok). It was a Mother’s Day I’ll never forget 🥰. I have never felt so secure in a purpose and overjoyed in a role as I do being Quinn’s mom. I am so grateful and love her so much my heart may just explode. I’m also so stinking thankful for my mom and mom in laws- they are the BEST and set the bar pretty darn high for me! We feel so blessed Quinn gets to call them her grandmas 💞❤️.

Thanks for reading !



25 thoughts on “Postpartum Stay & First Mother’s Day!

  1. Thanks for sharing! I completely agree that it is so special you got to take Quinn home on your first Mother’s Day! I hope the whole day was filled with so much love and hope. Except for that Moose scare–wow, reading that had my heart beating a bit. I can’t imagine bringing home a baby for the first time and realizing your pup is really sick. But how lucky and special that DJ’s dad was able to come over and step in, and that he was right around the corner. It looks like Quinn already has so much special family in her life–I’m sure she’s going to have the most amazing childhood surrounded by loved ones!

    Thanks for sharing these special moments with us, you’re amazing for sharing some pretty special baby times with your internet readers. Looking forward to more Quinn and new motherhood updates soon!

    1. Hi, Taylor! Thanks for reading 🥰 you’re so sweet to keep up with us!! It’s a joy to share and I’m grateful I’ll have these entries to remember these details some day too.

      That was a bitttt chaotic with the Moose situation , but you’re so right- I’m really grateful they were nearby and able to help ❤️ I am so grateful she’ll grow up with many of her grandparents and cousins nearby!

      Hope you are having a good summer! We need to chat over text soon so I can hear how things are going with you 😊

      1. I’ve had such a great time keeping up with your growing family, and you’ve done such a great time keeping us updated! And yes yes yes to catching up soon!

  2. So so happy for you guys!! I remember the hospital was My most sleep deprived time too. So exhausting!! She is absolutely beautiful!!!

  3. She is SUCH a beauty, just like her mama! The joy you have in being a mama just shines through your blog posts, and I’m SO happy for you!!! There really is nothing like it. 🙂

  4. Love love love this entire blog and my beautiful little granddaughter Quinn. Your stating that you’ve never felt so secure with a purpose and overjoyed to be Quinn’s mom just warms my heart as I too felt that way with each of my children. Love you all, Gigi

  5. She is absolutely precious! I am so incredibly sorry you had to experience that scare. I had no idea that was a thing to watch for! We came home on Matt’s birthday, & you on Mother’s Day – so special!!

    Poor sweet Moose! He is so fortunate to have you both as parents. I’m thankful he’s well.

    You aren’t kidding about breastfeeding hunger. Some days it really hits me!

    I hope you continue to thrive & soak up this time! You were so meant to be Quinn’s mom. She’s a lucky little adorable girl. 💕

    1. Aw I love that you brought Ans home on Matt’s bday !! That is really special 🥰

      Yess I am easily eating more and more hungry bf than ever in my pregnancy- it is WILD !

      Aww thanks so much, Kori 🥰

  6. She is SO cute and I love all her little outfits and blankets and things. I’m so glad the nurses were close by when she was choking!! How terrifying!! I never heard of that before! So what was wrong, exactly, with poor Moose?

    1. Hi Jinjer! Thank you so much, I am having way too much fun with the outfits and the bows. If she could talk she’d probably say “not another bow!” Lol!

      I am so grateful they were able to respond so quickly too. We had an exceptional nurse that night and I couldn’t be more grateful to her.

      And he had something called balanoposthitis. Thankfully he responded really quickly to the steroids and antibiotics, but the poor boy seemed so uncomfortable it broke our hearts!!

  7. What a sweet post – Quinn is so tiny and you and DJ look so peaceful cradling her in your arms. What a lucky little girl feeling the love. Going home on Mother’s Day with your new daughter is a day you will never ever forget. You two are blessed and now that Moose is recovered, I hope his next medical affliction is not called “nose out of joint syndrome” as the vet can’t treat that. 🙂

    1. She is a tiny one, our little peanut! But get this – she almost has gained 3 lbs in a month!!

      Aw so true. I’ll think of that special memory of bringing her home every Mother’s Day I’m sure 🥰

      Hahah!!! I would say he has only a touch of the syndrome, but thankfully he has adjusted pretty darn well! He does have his jealous moments though, as expected- but we just give him extra love & cuddles. And there is nothing fresh chicken can’t fix 😂

      1. That’s amazing – do you say it is “contentment” when you’re only a month old? 🙂 Quinn looked so tiny when you had her in the carrier to bring home, that big bow flopping while she was sleeping, so three pounds would make a difference for sure.

        I’m sure Moose watches out of the corner of his eye so I’m glad you are reserving lots of love and cuddles for him and fresh chicken is easing his “stress” too. 🙂

      2. Definitely! It’s amazing how much she’s already changed in such a short time 🥺💕

        Hehe just made him a fresh batch tonight! 😊

  8. I read this post with a heart bursting with joy – it is so lovely to see the smiles on your faces (only Moose is missing!!!!). Congratulations again! and may you enjoy many many many mother’s days to come!

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