Third Trimester Recap!

Hey hey & welcome to the final trimester recap! I feel like I just wrote the second trimester recap yesterday. I am currently writing this 38 weeks pregnant (on May 3rd) because the doctors think there is a high chance our little one is going to make her grand entrance a bit early. As I did for the last two recaps, I will use the Growing You journal for some inspiration for prompts and then sprinkle in other random thoughts here and there 🙂

Three words to describe pregnancy: Wonderful, magical, surreal!

I’m nervous about: Mainly moving into the third trimester I was most nervous for how jam-packed our schedules were and having the energy to keep up with everything. Thankfully it all went well, and I was able to find a little time to rest here and there. I was also nervous about being on my feet all day at work. Fortunately, the swelling was really only noticeable from about week 36 on. Prior to that I didn’t have much at all! I also was unsure we would have everything ready in time (my to-do list had never been so long!).  Writing this now, the only thing left is assembling the portable changing table for the bedroom, but that should be here Thursday. And then we are really all good to go!

After birth, I am probably most nervous about juggling her and Moose at the same time when I’m here by myself. I don’t know how we are going to do walks since Moose sometimes requires two hand control on the leash (especially passing by other dogs!)- add a stroller to the mix is probably not possible. I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

I’m excited about: Everything!! In the third trimester I have been excited to hear baby’s heartbeat at every OB appt., our baby moon, the baby shower, finishing up the nursery and visiting my grandparents while pregnant. I’m also excited the third trimester means I’m that much closer to meeting our girl! It’s been amazing to see my bump grow at such a rapid pace week after week. I’m also weirdly excited to experience labor to see what all the commotion is about? Lol. Well that, and obviously because it will mean we get to meet our girl <3.

I’m grateful for: Where to begin with this? I’ve never felt so much gratitude in my life. Besides just being so deeply and profoundly thankful for our baby girl, I am immensely grateful for our friends, family, coworkers, our managers, random kind strangers and just everyone who has been beyond supportive and caring through this season of life. A dear friend I met through blogging, Kori, just recently had her sweet girl and being able to go through the pregnancy together and now entering this new phase as moms at around the same time has been such a blessing. And of course, DJ. I can’t imagine going through this with anyone else. He has been so patient, gracious, loving, helpful and is the best husband <3. I’d be much more nervous about the actual labor and raising a baby if I didn’t have him- but with him by my side I feel confident we will be just fine. I’m also grateful on a whole I have had an uneventful and healthy pregnancy, for the memories we have made throughout this pregnancy, for our careers being in a nice and steady rhythm & for the fact that we are near so many people we love as we enter into this next phase as parents. Oh and of course, I’m thankful for my Moose <3. And Door Dash.

Food cravings: Chocolate, caramel, milkshakes, chicken sandwiches and fries (I definitely have that first trimester craving for fast food again), savory and sweet combos, Mediterranean cuisine, pizza, bison or beef tacos & CoreLife.

Exercise: I’ve continued to walk a total of about 4 miles a day (this includes all the steps I take, not a direct 4 mile walk). I didn’t know if I’d be able to keep this up, but thankfully I have been able to. I do very light arm workouts with 5-10 lb. weights about 2-3x per week (Gotta make sure I can hold my baby girl!) & core strengthening that is safe for pregnancy a couple times a week. My running has almost entirely transitioned to using the elliptical instead due to the bladder pressure from running- so I do that about three-four times a week, super easy, for 25-30 mins.

Symptoms/how I feel: The third trimester has not been as bad as I anticipated in terms of symptoms. I do understand better what people mean when they say it’s “uncomfortable”. But overall, I feel pretty darn good all things considered! The worst part was the immense fatigue I had from weeks 28 to about 36. Around week 36, the nesting energy really kicked in, and I’ve maintained some energy since then! The nesting thing is REAL- holy moly I have never cleaned/organized so intensely in my life. Other third trimester specific symptoms I have been experiencing are being short of breath, some restless leg syndrome (although I had it in the second, it got way worse in the third tri) & serious heartburn. My melasma on my upper lip has darkened even more – it’s hard to cover up even with makeup now (such a pain in the rear!). Speaking of rear, mine has become entirely non-existent- I just don’t know where it went. Probs will need to do some squats post-pregnancy- LOL. I also have some ankle swelling after a long day at work, but it resolves if I prop my feet for a while. I also noticed the linea nigra on my stomach appear in the third trimester.

How I would describe my sleep: So my third trimester sleep was actually way better than my second trimester! I have been shocked by this. I am definitely more tired when I hit the pillow each night, so maybe I’m just more tired in general, but overall, I’m very happy with my sleep!

Emotions in the third trimester: Nearing the end of the third trimester has been very emotional. I am simultaneously so stinkin’ excited to meet our girl, hold her, look into her eyes, study her every feature, tell her how much we love her face to face… but then I am already missing being pregnant with her. She has been with me, a physical part of me, through pretty much everything since moving back to Ohio. One thing I’m already having a hard time with is returning to work after maternity leave (as much as I love my job!). She started my new job with me, and I usually talk to her on the way to work. The thought of going back there without her makes me so emotional. I also am emotional about Moosey- knowing he is going to inevitably have to deal with a little less attention from me than he’s used to. DJ reassured me he will give him alll the love and make sure he’s ok. At the same time, I can’t wait to see him and baby girl interact together! I also am just so excited for this next chapter while simultaneously nervous knowing nothing will be the same. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m sure there are things I’m missing, I’ll probably come back and edit them in- but I think this about sums it up for now! Still liked the second trimester more from a symptomatic standpoint, but the third trimester really wasn’t so bad! Now the first– we just won’t talk about that 😝.

Thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with us 💕. Y’all are the best, and I’m so grateful for your support!



*Photo taken by Molly Watson Photography

21 thoughts on “Third Trimester Recap!

  1. Been away from here for a while, so I had no clue you were pregnant!! I’m so happy for y’all. You’re lives are about to change forever, but in the best way possible. Congrats, and to a healthy, happy baby and momma. 😃

    1. Aw so nice to see your icon pop up here!!! I hope you are doing so well. Thank you tons for the sweet words and well wishes 😊

  2. Don’t worry too much about Moose, you find a way to divide your attention so that everyone is loved! We haven’t skipped a beat with Axl – still gets his treats, all of his walks & probably more kisses than he’d prefer sometimes. 😉 Also, cam & Axl are besties now, & it’s the cutest!

    1. I love hearing this!!! It really does make me feel better to hear its possible to balance the two 💕 Axl is lucky to have y’all! Also sooo cute about him and Camden 😭🥰

  3. I have so much respect & love for you! I absolutely *loved* experiencing pregnancy together & both becoming girl moms! l, too, felt so torn as my pregnancy neared the end. While I did have periods of discomfort, I didn’t want it to to be over. It felt incredibly bittersweet to watch my bump fade after my water broke & then after Ansley was born. But here we are loving on our girl day & night! The top photo from your maternity photos is gorgeous!! You already are the very best mama. When maternity leave ends for us, it will be extremely hard, BUT we just have to soak up the time we have. I’ll probably have to lean on you because I will be a mess. 😭 I loved following your journey!

    1. Aw, I have so much love and respect for you too, Kori!! You articulated the feeling torn about pregnancy ending perfectly- I felt the exact same way!! But yes, here we are with our girls! I’m grateful we both had such a wonderful pregnancy experience that led us to this ❤️We will definitely need to lean on each other when we return to work- it’s hard to wrap my head around that day, but we will make the most of our leave, and we will get through 💕 Thank you for following along, I’ve loved following yours too!

  4. I knew someone who totally neglected her dog after she had her baby. It was awful. But I know you would never ever do that. She had…other issues.

    Every time I see a new post pop up from you I think THIS IS IT!!!!! I guess I’m a bit excited. lol

    It will be any day now!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeee!

    1. Oh that makes me SO sad!!! Moose has gotten lots of loving 💕 Hehe I’m behind on comments on the next post in case you saw it, but she is here!!! 🥰 Thanks for sharing in our excitement 🤗

  5. How nice to go back one day and read these posts with your daughter and share all your feelings and writings. In fact, a fellow blogger wrote recently that his wife surprised him on his 60th birthday, with bound three volumes of his blog every post. He was excited and you could do that too, just culling the posts since you announced your pregnancy to us and throughout and to birth. Think about it Mackenzie … I will send you the link of the company used to compile the blog posts book in a separate comment.

    1. Absolutely!! I have the itch to document everything as thoroughly as possible so I don’t forget a detail!!

      Wow!! That is so cool you can do that with posts- I would definitely be interested !

      1. Yes, you’ll want to remember every detail, though living in the moment with Quinn as she grows. Thank goodness the baby formula is not an issue for Quinn. I hope you decide to do it.

      2. Yes I’m so grateful breastfeeding has been going well . My heart goes out to all the mommas with this formula shortage- unreal that it’s actually happening 😣

      3. Yes, how worrisome and I did hear that there was another big shipment arriving which will be distributed through Target stores. Hard to believe Quinn is four weeks old tomorrow (if my memory serves me correctly). Time goes by too fast. Any big plans for DJ’s first Father’s Day?

      4. You are correct ! Isn’t it wild how quickly it went by !!

        We don’t have plans per say, but I did order DJ’s gifts yesterday. The more meaningful one is going to be a personalized frame from her to him with a picture of them two, I’m excited to give it to him 🥰

      5. Yes, time goes so quickly Mackenzie … probably the last month of your pregnancy, time dragged on. That will be so sweet and a memorable gift that is sure to bring tears to his eyes as every picture taken of DJ and Quinn, you can see the adoration in his eyes. He will love that for sure.

      1. Yes, do that Mackenzie! Fellow blogger Dave really liked his that his wife got him for his 60th birthday. A forever keepsake.

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