Our Babymoon to Charleston Part Two!

Welcome to Part Two of our Babymoon to Charleston, SC! Here is Part One in case ya wanna read that too. Continuing on our way back to 167 Raw, we kept seeing historic buildings and churches that grabbed our attention.

We ventured through the wide open gates of one church as we spotted the inviting pathway lined with beautifully planted greenery on each side.

At the end of the path was a quiet cemetery, home to tombs hundreds of years old and cherry blossom trees that towered around them.

We made it back to 167 Raw with about 15 minutes to spare. We found a nice bench and rested our feet while checking in on Moose.

And then…we FINALLY got some lobster rolls!!!

These were very good and definitely gave us our Lobster Roll fix, but we both agreed they did not beat out the epic lobster rolls from Sam’s Chowder House in Halfmoon May.

We walked back to the mansion after to explore its grounds and rest a bit before heading back out for the evening.

We peaked around the various rooms and then stopped by the parlor for some afternoon lemonade and tea. Naturally, we made a couple Arnold Palmer’s, as ya do 😉

We put our walking shoes back on and headed to the Charleston Maritime Center dock to go on a historic sunset tour on water with Charleston Harbor Tours.

The whole vibe could not have been better. The weather was near perfect, the boat had great music playing, and everyone seemed in a relaxed mood.

While waiting for the boat to depart from the harbor, we watched dolphins playing in the water around us.

And then we were off! We had a great tour guide that kept the tour  entertaining with trivia games and dad jokes. We passed by Fort Sumter (pictured below), Forts Moultrie and Johnson, USS Yorktown, St. Michael’s Church, striking homes along the Battery and passed under a magnificent bridge to round out the trip.

We got back right to the dock around the actual sunset, hustled back to the mansion in a Lyft and dashed up to the mansion’s cupola to catch the last bit of the sunset.

We made it right on time!

At this point in the evening, I was starting to get real hungry. We decided last minute to do a graveyard/ghost tour, but I needed to get something in my stomach beforehand (outside of the benne wafers I munched on in our hotel room).

On our way to the tour, we decided we would grab something quick to tide us over (read: keep the hanger at bay) and then also grab something after the tour.

Lenoir caught my eye. This is one of those spontaneous game-time food decisions that could not have gone better!

While I enjoyed admiring their decor, I had one thing on my mind- FOOD.

We put in an order for their cornbread and some veggies and hummus. Mmm the cornbread was oh so yummy & I was glad to get some veggies. It was a great tide-me-over until our next meal.

SpooOooOooky time! We walked to Bulldog Tours main building, were paired with a group and a guide and set off the explore Charleston’s graveyards.

It was a tour worth doing! It went maybe a bit long for us after a long day, but the stories were fascinating, and it was a fun way to see the city at night.

After the tour I got an intense craving for a chicken sandwich. We did a quick Google search and found Blind Tiger apparently had a good one, so we decided to give it a go!

I had the chicken avocado club which satisfied my craving with their delicious fries. DJ had the fried chicken sandwich- I had a bite, and it was a mean fried chicken sammy!

And the sweet tooth started acting up, so we indulged in their peanut butter pie. Ohhhh my goodness, this was one amazing PB pie. I could go for some right now.

And then we headed back to the hotel to rest up before another big day to follow! It was a peaceful walk back as we soaked up the charming city’s nighttime beauty.

When we got back to the room, we had these amazing dusted chocolate truffles waiting for us. Idk how they make these, but wow they are good.

Thanks for sharing in our little adventure with us 🙂 Stay tuned for Part Three!



18 thoughts on “Our Babymoon to Charleston Part Two!

  1. So happy you got to do this amazing Babymoon!! The boat tour, ghost tour, food all seemed perfect, but you had me at that corn bread! I am now so hungry for it. What were those white crystal things on top? Salt, sugar? Looked amazing and you look so beautiful, such a pretty mama to be! love, your mom-in-law

  2. Oh thanks for letting me “come with you” to Charleston! You described it all so well with your words and photos! I would like to go on the ghost tour. And the food! You two are all ready a beautiful family and how wonderful it will be to greet Baby B.

    1. Thanks for coming along with us too!! 😊 Means a lot you think I described it well too! I’m so glad we did that ghost tour last minute- I really think it gave us the well-rounded Charleston experience !

      Aw thanks, Jena! We are counting down the days to May! Almost there!! Can’t wait for you to meet her too.

  3. What a fun-filled day & trip! That cornbread looks amazing as does your dessert! You two deserved such a lovely babymoon.

      1. You are correct! We head out there on Thursday and return on Sunday! The weather looks iffy, but we will so enjoy it regardless.

      2. Aw then you’re there now!!! ENJOY! 💕 Hope the weather holds out ☀️ I especially hope you don’t get the snow that we are currently having here 😂 yeah, Mother Nature is pulling one heck of an April Fools Joke.

  4. I knew I’d like to visit here from your first post, but now even more so. You got a lot of sightseeing in – how nice it was you had picture-perfect weather the entire time … I understand from a friend who grew up there that it gets so miserably hot and humid there in the Summer. You did just make it back for a sunset in the background shot, one of the many nice shots of the two of you. I’m looking forward to the next installment. P.S. Was Moose happy to hear your voice or did you just check on how he was doing?

    1. Aww I’m SO glad to hear you enjoyed this post and this little tour of Charleston ☺️

      We really did luck out with the weather! It was pretty much the only weekend that worked, and we didn’t even pay much mind to the weather when thinking about going- so I’m glad it worked out! With how warm it was one of the days, I can only imagine what it’d be like in the summer.

      For Moosey, it was just a phone call check into the place he was boarding for the first night. We also had a camera to his room, but it was too painful to watch because he seemed so sad 😭 But then Rachel picked him up and sent us all kinds of pictures and videos which made us feel more at ease (he seemed much happier with her and her dog, Trotter!)- it was hard being away from him for a whole weekend, but we all survived!

      1. My friend who grew up there said cotton and linens were a must or you’d die from the heat. She also said she loved her hometown, but the palmetto bugs (which she described as looking like flying roaches) were the worst! Poor Moose … well he’ll have you all to himself for a another six weeks or so then a sister to share attention with.

  5. OH my goodness, you have such a gift for capturing beautiful photos! I feel like I got to go on a lovely little tour of the city with you! And all those food pics, as always, just made me so hungry! Ha, ha!! LOVED this post!!!
    Also, you are gorgeous and just glowing!

    1. You are the absolute sweetest, Nicole!! I feel like a broken record saying this, but your comments are always SO darn encouraging! 💕 thank you, thank you, friend!! Really glad you enjoyed this post 🥰

  6. That church and cemetery was a really nice find Mackenzie , what stories could the people buried there tell I wonder ? I am glad you got to enjoy the lobster rolls, it would have been disappointing not to get them. The grounds are beautiful and the having tea in the parlor was a must ! That is a fun boat tour of the area and mice to see the sights , that is quite the bridge ! What a lovely sunset and cute selfie of the two of you . I hope the graveyard tour was not too spooky . Charleston by night is a must ! Maybe we can make it one day ! Thanks for part 2 Mackenzie, Terri xo.

    1. Right?! It is so rich in history. The graveyard tour was just the right amount of spooky I’d say! Hope you do make it to Charleston sometime- it’s a great city. Thanks for reading, Terri 🙂

  7. Oooohhhh! lobster rolls! When you said rolls, I pictured some sort of bread roll, like for subs, but this looks like a piece of bread cut into LOL. Regardless, that looks greeat! I’ve never had one before and I bet it was amazing being that it was one on the top of the list.

    That boat trip looks great too! We have the Portland Spirit here and it takes you down the Willamette River. I’ve only been to it once, but your trip looks like it’s far more open water than us here LOL. The sunset is such a great sight! You guys caught it at the right time!

    The tour at night definitely makes the place look a bit creepier with its classic vibes but that would be such a fun thing to do!

    Thanks for sharing pictures of everything there! I feel like I’m right there with you! 😀 Also one more place to add to my travel list 🙂

    1. Oh that is such a good point- I totally see that you’d think that!! It is more of a lobster sandwich, lol!!

      The Portland Spirit sounds wonderful too! I am going to remember that whenever we find ourselves back there 🙂

      Totally! The stories were really creepy too- it was a lot of fun!

      Aww I love that you felt like you were there with us 🙂 Definitely add it to your list! Such a great city. Thanks for reading, Rossy!! XOX

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