Our Babymoon to Charleston Part One!

Oh, am I ever excited to have a little time this morning to document the first part of our Babymoon to Charleston! It was wonderful in every way. DJ had never been to Charleston, and I only went once when I was very young (so I barely remember it). We packed as much as possible into our couple of days there, and they were two days we will not forget!

For those that are wondering “what the heck is a babymoon?”… basically it’s a little trip or vacation the future mom and dad take before baby is here. Think honeymoon, but pre-baby!

On February 24th, I met DJ at his work and then we drove to Cleveland airport. We made it through security with plenty of time for dinner. We stopped at Great Lakes Brewing Co. I ordered a salad and their shrimp tacos (which were good, but only a sneak peak to the real goodness of seafood we were about to experience), and DJ ordered a burger.

With full stomachs, we were fueled for the late evening. We were worried about our flight getting cancelled because of the weather, but luckily everything went ok, we made our layover, and made it to Charleston around 12:30 AM.

We loaded up our rental car and headed out to Wentworth Mansion, the charming, dreamy location we’d be staying for the weekend. When looking up places to stay in Charleston, I stumbled across Wentworth Mansion’s Babymoon package. I didn’t even know this was a thing hotels offered! Of course, when I saw that I knew we’d have to do it. There are a few other hotels in Charleston that have babymoon packages too, but we were so drawn to the historic, quintessential Charleston feel with the mansion- and we’d never stayed in a mansion like that before. All about a unique experience!

Even in the dark, we were taken aback by the beauty of the mansion.

We walked into a spectacular open lobby bookended by beautiful stained glass doors. To the right was a winding staircase and several hallways leading to the parlor, day room, and other rooms tucked within the mansion.We were greeted with true southern hospitality, were given our room keys and headed up to get unpacked and get some sleep. We would do more exploring of the mansion in the day light.

When we walked into our room, we were greeted by a lovely, storybook type room with light classical music playing, sparkling grape juice and chocolate covered strawberries. The babymoon package was off to a great start!


We also had a package of these benne wafers waiting for us, which we also saw sold at just about every shop we passed that weekend. These are popular for good reason- they are sweet, nutty and delicious. I love them with a little coffee or just on their own. Here’s the history of the benne wafer if you’re interested.

One of our favorite parts about getting away and staying in a hotel is getting a hotel breakfast room service. There’s just something about it! February 25th, I woke up ravenous, surprise surprise. I was craving something cold & fruity, so I had their yogurt bowl and their pastry basket. DJ enjoyed their sweet potato pancakes & helped me out with some of those yummy cinnamon rolls.

As the light came through the long curtains in the sun room, we enjoyed our breakfast in bed. Everything tasted amazing. The decaf coffee was even so yummy. We were particularly impressed with how darn good the pastries were. I had a bite of DJ’s pancakes too which were really good sweet potato pancakes; the sweet potato flavor was nice and subtle and the pancakes were griddled just right.

We headed out to get our day started. A couple’s massage was included in the babymoon package with a prenatal massage specifically for the momma-to-be, so we walked through the back doors of the mansion and across the courtyard to their spa. If you do this package, make sure to book your massage right away because they fill up fast!

For the massage, they have a little donut to prop up the mom’s baby belly. It was a luxurious massage and a great start to the day!

We headed back through the courtyard to get ready for the day.

Once dressed and ready to head out, we were able to finally see the dazzling mansion from the front entrance for the first time and in the daylight!

Priority #1: Get a really good lobster roll. I did a, probably excessive, amount of research looking for the best lobster roll in Charleston. There are probably three places that contend for the “top”, and 167 Bar Raw Oyster Bar was within walking distance and at the top of most lists. We walked through the city and put our name in. It was going to be about a two hour wait (and they don’t take reservations) , so I was grateful we had a hearty breakfast.

To kill the time, we reversed our schedule and walked out to some spots I had planned for us to explore after lunch.

Just walking through Charleston is so much fun. There is a little bit of history everywhere you look and even just building-gazing is fun with all the different architecture and gorgeous churches that draw your attention from practically every corner.

We first walked to rainbow row to see the homes here. It actually reminded us a little of painted ladies in SF!

We grabbed some pics out on Rainbow Row, and someone graciously offered to take our picture- never will turn that down!

Oh, and our weather was beautiful- high 70s and sunny!! We really lucked out. Next up was Waterfront Park.

There is nothing more calming than being by or in water, in my opinion. I love it so much, and I just remember feeling so relaxed as we walked around the pier.

And you know I had to get a bump pic whenever I had the chance!

We walked down the pier a little ways, and I probably was over-excited when we spotted the famous Charleston Pineapple fountain. Pineapples are seen everywhere in Charleston as a symbol of hospitality!

On this side of the pier, there are wooden swings staggered throughout these little pavilions. We couldn’t find one that was open, but I think it’d be so nice to just relax on one of those if you find yourself at Waterfront Park.

Since those were the two big spots I had planned for the afternoon (Rainbow Row and Waterfront Park), we had a little time to kill still before getting back to 167. We just walked around, stopped in little boutiques and enjoyed the stellar (and quite foreign!) sunshine.

This cute little Gelato shop caught my attention with their adorable pink chairs and tables outside, but even more so- the advertisement for Dutch mini pancakes beckoned us inside.

I would love to come back here to try their gelato sometime, because it looked mighty tasty.

These mini Dutch pancakes were so good. We had them with maple syrup and honey- and oh myyy. So sweet, so delicious.

As good as they were, I was admittedly a tiny bit queasy after and my body was screaming, “need real food NOW!”.

And I will leave ya on the edge of your seat to see if we finally did get those lobster rolls!

Thanks for reading 🙂



30 thoughts on “Our Babymoon to Charleston Part One!

  1. What a super fun babymoon! I want to visit Charleston one day. I understand that it is a little similar to Savannah, GA, and we LOVE it there! You look spectacular, dear! I love that color on you, and your bump is so precious. I’m sure baby girl was loving all the delicious food her mama researched and found! Looking forward to reading part two. Matt and I ultimately decided to stay at our lake house where we got married. It just felt right to us. Low-key and just the two of us. We are enjoying a four-day weekend out there at the end of this month. I cannot wait for the return of warm temperatures!

    1. Oh I have heard it’s similar to Savannah too- but we’ve never been!!! That is a place we’d love to go too 😍 aww thank you for your sweet words, I’m just so glad to finally have a bump 🤗

      That sounds absolutely wonderful with the lake house getaway. And the fact that it’s where you got married makes it all the more special ❤️ enjoy!!!

    1. Oh my gosh that’s right- you’re in Charleston! It’s good to hear from a local we hit the main spots ☺️ thanks for stopping in, Kelley!

  2. I was soooooo EXCITED to read this post, because Charleston is on my “must visit one day” bucket list!! I made myself a cup of hot tea, settled down comfy in bed, and prepared to travel via your blog. One of my favorite ways to unwind after a busy day!
    The mansion looked INCREDIBLE!!! Those breakfast pics had my mouth watering.
    I just loved the pics of your walk around the town and all the lovely scenery. It all looks so quaint, welcoming, and beautiful!
    I cannot wait to hear about the lobster rolls! I think lobster rolls might be one of my all-time favorite foods!

    1. You have no idea how much it means that you would choose to spend your unwind time to read this blog!!! I’m so glad to give ya a little taste of Charleston 🤗 Quaint is the perfect word for it!!! I Sooo agree with you- lobster rolls are easily one of my all time favorite foods too, I mean what can be better, really?! Thank you for reading and always making me feel so good about sharing these posts 😊

  3. I’ve never been to Charleston but had a good friend who grew up there and used to tell me about “going home” all the time (she lives in Virginia now), but she never sent me pictures of her hometown. What a fun and historical place to visit … I would love to visit, though I feel like I’ve gone on a first-class tour with your photos Mackenzie. A “babymoon” … I’ve never heard of that, but then again, my friends and their kids are all grown up now, so you’re the only one I know who is having a baby. How nice to get away and just enjoy some together time before a baby turns your world upside down, albeit in a good way.

    1. Aww it would be so special to call Charleston home- it’s a really cool place.

      Glad you feel like you got a little vicarious tour of Charleston through this post 🤗

      I just heard of a babymoon not all that long ago too! I think they’re a fairly new concept. It really was so nice, I will treasure this trip!!

      Thanks for reading, Linda! ☺️

      1. Glad you’re enjoying these posts!! Aw no worries, I am always behind too, been tragically behind for about two years now lol.

      2. I get caught up to within a day and then it seems everyone writes the next day and suddenly my Feed is filled once again – I just give up and try to keep up, but it’s difficult.

      3. Totally understand that- I used to be so good about keeping up daily, but just not possible anymore. But it’s such a treat when I can sit down and catch up. Also know I never expect you to read my posts- I love our convos, but never want you to feel any pressure to read and comment 🙂

      4. I enjoy reading your posts, especially this SC series because of a friend who grew up in Charleston and talked about it all the time, but never sent me any pictures except the old Angel Oak tree. I like the food pictures too. 🙂

  4. Ok am I just seeing things or in the closeup bump photo where you’re on a bridge, are we able to see the baby’s head at the top and even a little ear? Or is that just shadows + my imagination? LOL

    When is the baby due? How much longer do we have to wait?

    The mansions and buildings and food are amazing, but let’s hurry up and see that lobster roll!!!! I’m drooling.

    1. Haha I love your comments so much, Jinjer!! Your personality just radiates through them! I looked back at what you said about the seeing a head or an ear- and I didn’t notice that myself at first, but now I think I see what you mean 😄

      Baby is due May 17 🤗

      Hehe I hope the lobster roll is worth the wait 😋😆

      Thanks for reading, friend!!!

      1. Right!!! Coming so fast! My to-do list needs to get a wee bit smaller in the next few weeks because I’m not sure how I’m going to get everything done lol!!!! We are so excited though, counting down the days.

  5. I never heard of babymoon but it’s a great idea to take that time before baby comes. What an interesting place you visited. That pilot boat caught my eye because we have one that docks in Port Huron (near us) it takes U.S. ship pilots out to foreign vessels because the foreign pilots do not have the license required for the river system between Lake Huron and Lake Erie so they have to hire a U.S, Pilot. I worder where that one travels.

    1. Hi, Ruth!! I think babymoons are a fairly new concept, I just recently heard of them too! That’s really interesting about the boats by you at Port Huron. I am curious where it goes too now. Thanks for stopping in- I hope you are well!!

  6. Ah, I read this post with a huge sigh of satisfaction (it has completed my morning tea!). I love the idea of a Babymoon! Such fun and a wonderful couple bonding idea! And so many lovely snaps of the both of you. Have I told you that you are the most chic & glamourous Mommy-to-be ever!?!!! and of course, the 2 of you are just such a vibrant (yes, even in still photographs) couple.

    And of course, beautiful Charleston (I have never been – it looks so charming), and all that stunning food! See – big smile from me!

    1. Aww this comment just made my whole day, Ju-Lyn!! That means so much that you would share your morning tea with me 🤗 Thank you for your super sweet words! 💕 😊 Glad you enjoyed this post!

  7. Hi Mackenzie !! What a wonderful idea to to go on a babymoon . Now I cant help wonder why we did not think of going on one before our daughter was born !! On a side note , we still have not taken our honeymoon yet either ! I do like having a meal at the airport too. Once through security you can then relax. How fun to stay at a mansion on your babymoon! That staircase is just amazing !! And the parlor looks like a place where many cups of tea were served. Thanks for the video of your room . so nice . That sure is a yummy breakfast, making me hungry Mackenzie !! How nice to get the pre natal massage . I am sure it was amazing. The mansion is just beautiful. All of the photos of the buildings are a bit of history. I love your Baby bump pics ! You will look back on them with fondness as the years go by. You will have to return to get the gelato ! It will be a nice family trip when babygirl is old enough to remember !! It sure is a beautiful city , looking forward to part 2 , lots of hugs, Terri xo.

    1. Hey Terri!! Ohh, I say it’s never too late to take that honeymoon!! I think the concept of a babymoon is fairly new- I just heard about it relatively recently too!

      You are right on that with the parlor- they actually offer the afternoon tea and lemonade along with wine on the connected porch with appetizers a couple hours later!

      Glad you enjoyed the pictures! I definitely would love to try that gelato next time we’re there 😍

      Thanks so much for reading!!

  8. Firstly, you look adorable with your baby bump! Second, those shrimp tacos look amazing, my mouth is watering! It’s also early so I think I need to go get a snack LOL.

    Wow, the mansion is giving me classic vibes, and even the food looks delish! 😀 From the outside, the mansion looks so cool! The architecture of it is definitely something I can appreciate. Honestly, all the buildings down there just look super cool. I’d love to visit this area just to walk around the city.

    The waterfront area is lovely!! I love that pineapple fountain! Is there anything cooler than that?? 😀 That whole area in general would be great to walk around in on a sunny day! And of course, the pier, we don’t have anything like that here. I’m dying to visit a place with a pier LOL

    1. Aw thanks, Rossy!! The mansion was magical! I also loved all the architecture in Charleston & it is so rich in history. Ohhh I hope you can hunt down a lovely pier soon- I so agree, there really is something about them!! Thanks for sharing in our trip with us ☺️

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