The ✨Golden ✨Trimester Recap!

It’s hard to believe the second trimester has come and gone- but I loved every bit of it!! I found the saying of the “Golden Trimester” very true- Around 14 weeks that nausea subsided, I started getting some energy back, and a few weeks after that I could honestly say I was feeling great! Sure, I was definitely tired many days, but compared to the first tri, it was night and day. I remember the first few days of “feeling like myself” again, and it was a relief to know I wasn’t going to feel that extreme fatigue, lack of motivation and nausea forever. My anxiety from the first trimester also improved dramatically in the second trimester. I truly enjoyed pregnancy.

I’m going to pick from Growing You for some prompts again and add a little extra here and there as random thoughts come to mind 🙂

Ways my body has changed: My bump really took a while to didn’t show through all my clothes and scrubs until about 26 weeks! I started noticing it myself around 19/20 weeks though.

There were definitely some other, not quite as fun, changes that I know are likely temporary. My acne improved a little immediately after the first tri, but then toward the end of the second it came back with a vengeance. I talked to my OB about some options for treatment. Until that point I had switched out nearly all my skin products to entirely natural, but all it took was adding in a face wash he approved to make alll the difference. Toward the end of the second trimester, I noticed melasma darkening on my upper lip. I already had melasma there prior to getting pregnant (I’m guessing partly from the years of running outside in the sun), but it was pretty under control. I’m a little self-conscious about it, though I have found some good foundation to conceal it. Calf cramps started up in the second trimester on occasion too. The fatigue started settling back in around 26 weeks but it’s still not as bad at the first. Oh, and cannot forget the mood swings. Oh my goodness, they are embarrassing-it really is ridiculous funny the things I have gotten upset about or cried over. I just have to take a moment to say DJ has been the absolute best through everything and has been really understanding and supportive of it all.

Pregnancy brain is also so real. Apparently when unloading the dishwasher, I thought a great place for our colander would be the vegetable drawer, HA! I stumbled across this later and have zero recollection of putting it in there.

Now, the BEST change the second trimester brought with it is feeling my sweet little one move around and wriggle all over the place. I also have an admiration and appreciation for my body that I have never experienced before.

How I’d describe my sleep: I struggled a little with insomnia through the second trimester, but overall, it was ok! I can’t complain too much. Once I fell asleep, I slept pretty well. I did start my new job with the very early wakeup calls in the second trimester, so I think that was the biggest adjustment to my sleep schedule.

Things I was excited about: I had a few things I was simultaneously excited and nervous about, like the anatomy scan and starting my new job. I couldn’t wait to feel her really start to move, and I looked forward to the holidays while pregnant in the second trimester too! I also looked forward to my bump growing more and planning our baby moon, even though we technically took it in the third trimester.

Things I was nervous about: At the beginning of the second trimester, my biggest concerns were starting a new job while pregnant, making sure I gained back the weight I lost the first trimester, the anatomy scan and the glucose tolerance test. I know I’ve said it before, but I could not be more grateful for my job and the timing with starting could not have been better. My manager and the staff are all incredibly supportive of me being pregnant and are always looking out for me (AKA forcing me to take my breaks, hah). As soon as I entered into the second trimester, I was finally able to keep weight on. I was getting worried since I lost about seven lbs. the first trimester from the nausea, but the lbs. came back quickly in the second tri. The anatomy scan went wonderfully and was one of the most special days of the entire trimester and pregnancy. And the glucose test was totally fine. I feel really grateful everything was and is going smoothly.

Second trimester priorities: Getting the nursery ready (we are almost there!), creating a registry, growing and learning as much as I could in my job, taking a birthing course, and finishing the rest of the house since I had put that on hold through most of the first tri. I really tried to take advantage of the rush of energy to get as much done as possible, and I do have a sense of relief going into the third trimester knowing some of that “big stuff” is off the to-do list.

Epidural or No Epidural? I am not opposed to getting an epidural, but I would like to try to go without and see how it goes. Since I’ve never been through this before, I don’t want to set too many expectations- I just want to kind of go with the flow, let my body do its thing and make the decisions as they come with my preferences in mind.

Exercise routine: I try to get about 4 miles of walking throughout my day in total. Then about 3-4 days a week I try to get some very light cardio in for about 30 minutes- I’ve shifted to the elliptical much more than the treadmill because when I run I feel like I have to pee every 5 minutes hah. I lift 5-10 lb. weights & do core training exercises about 2x a week. I absolutely love this channel for core exercises- there’s a video for about every week of pregnancy. Exercise became way easier in the second trimester compared with the first, I just have to watch my heart rate closely.

Cravings: I had way fewer cravings in my second trimester compared with my first. Overall, I wanted tons of veggies and protein- I actually ate very similarly to how I ate pre-pregnancy, (with the addition of meat and the subtraction of soy products). It was nice that I had energy to make food again, and we put DoorDash on hold after single-handedly keeping them in business the first trimester. On a regular basis, I loved eating oatmeal for breakfast with berries, peanut butter and decaf coffee (on work days, I’ll have a few oz. of regular coffee), salads, cottage cheese, cheese of any kind really (well, of the safe ones), bananas, stuffed sweet potatoes, cashews and almonds, chicken/bison/beef, sardines (I know this sounds gross, but they are actually so good with some Hu crackers & they’re jam-packed with nutrients), eggs & egg bites, pitaya dragonfruit smoothie bowls and yogurt.

My packed lunch for work usually consists of a salad with tons of veggies and either a kale burger or caulipower chicken, fattoush salad dressing, greek yogurt with PB powder mixed in & berries (or some type of fruit), some type of salty snack like Hippeas or Harvest Snaps and a slice of cheese, a Go Macro bar and a couple pieces of Hu dark chocolate.

More specific cravings: AVOCADO, chocolate milk, sausage links, cabbage and noodles, Panera’s grilled mac & cheese and green goddess salad, & apple pie/crisp during the holiday season.

Traits I hope to instill in my baby: A love for Jesus, compassion and empathy for others, resilience, ability to have perspective and discernment in difficult situations, a sense of humor, a love for adventure & the willingness to forgive easily.

General reflection: I love that our baby girl has been with me already through such huge changes. She has been with me since we got Moose, since we settled into the townhouse and made it a home, since I started a new job and the learning curve with that and through this entirely new chapter. Burgeoning in the second trimester was this intense feeling of, “I just really cannot wait to meet her”. I’m not sure I have ever felt such overwhelming gratitude in my life, and I can now say I have loved being pregnant!

Bring on the third trimester! 2.5 months left!

Questions for you: 

  • Any favorite baby Youtube channels, podcasts or books on having a newborn you recommend? I have Baby Wise, Newborn 101 & What to Expect the First Year but am open to all suggestions.
  • Curious if you have any second trimester experiences of your own to share!



20 thoughts on “The ✨Golden ✨Trimester Recap!

  1. I love this format! Your update is so sweet, and the “traits I hope to instill in my baby” section made me tear up. You’re going to be the best mama, and your little girl is so lucky to have you!

  2. Yay to loving being pregnant and I can’t wait to meet this little granddaughter of mine as well! I would love to snack on sardines with you as I love them so I took note of the brand. Can’t believe you are in your last trimester and may these last months go smoothly and you keep feeling great! XOXO an excited Gigi!!!

  3. What a great recap you’ve done to document this monumental part of your life Mackenzie. That’s great that DJ is so understanding and rolling with the punches. Onward and upward!

    1. Thank you, Linda!! Oh yes DJ has been such a saint through it all lol. I feel bad, but when I get hangry in pregnancy- I get REAL hangry 😅

      1. That’s so funny since you watched what you ate … you ate healthy and stayed “willow slim” as that expression goes … you have license to chow down now for you and the baby’s sake, so enjoy!

  4. I love this recap! Such a beautiful time in life. I love love being pregnant! Body changes can be wild and weird but all in all, incredibly fun and miraculous. My bump showed super early, and I did not lose weight. I can absolutely understand the worry around that experience, but you navigated it beautifully! I really think the second trimester felt great overall, though my first trimester honestly was not bad at all. Sleep has been off the whole time, but I just cheer what sleep I can get! All of your meals sound epic and delicious! Baby girl is eating splendidly thanks to her awesome mama. I adore her movements and am already mourning not feeling them on the inside. I am a mixture of simultaneously so excited to meet her yet not ready to share her. It’s a conflicting feeling. I also am praying she turns in time, which I know time is on our side. She was said to be breech, but you know me and being picky on the details. She is laying sideways, which is not breech by definition. ANYWAY, hopefully she gets into position as I would love to have a vaginal birth. Like you, I want to see how far I can get without an epidural, but I absolutely wouldn’t feel less than for taking it. Kaci did and was so brave, strong, and just as capable. I loved opening up this post, and I hope you have a lovely week ahead!

    1. So glad you enjoyed this recap 😊 Yes! Weird, fun and miraculous are all GREAT ways to describe pregnancy!! Coming from you it means a little extra that you think the meals look good! 🤗

      I totally know what you mean about mourning not feeling the movements- I am trying to treasure them so much right now ❤️

      I’m praying she turns for you too!! Come on, sweet Ansley! Turn for your momma!

      Absolutely, I so agree! Epidural vs no-epidural (& even C section) , all bring a precious human into the world which is the most incredible feat however it happens!

      Hope you have the most wonderful weekend, friend! Thanks for reading 🥰

  5. I miss being pregnant! It’s all so exciting & so magical. Birth is one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I love that you have some wishes but are also accepting of going with whatever life throws at you. Looking back, I kind of wish I could have experienced it without the epidural, but I also remember how much pain I was in so I understand my decision to get it. Once it wore off, I could barely think straight from the pain & while being wheeled down the hall to my recovery room, I overheard a nurse say “is she ok?” because I had my head in my hands hunched over. I mean, I had just birthed a baby… Fun fact, epidurals can cause loss of bodily control (ie you just start ripping them without trying so that’s fun. Ha!). So excited for you!! Also, my MIL gifted me the What to Expect First Year book, & I found it to be helpful.

    1. It really is!!! In the first trimester I remember people saying “it goes by so fast, enjoy it” when I was in the thick of being sick, but now that I have loved it soooo much in the second tri, I totally get what they mean 🥺 I can’t wait to meet her, but I do think I’ll miss being pregnant!

      Oh my gosh, that sounded miserable once it wore off- see, I know I haven’t experienced that type of pain before so I want to be totally ok accepting it if I can’t even be present for the experience.

      I am cracking up about the loss of bodily control 😆 So true!

      Ohh so good to know you found it helpful!! I need to start diving in. Thanks for reading and commenting, Kaci 🥰

  6. Women are super heroes so I know you can handle anything but also, every birth story is beautiful!

    All books & blogs offer great advice but know that no one is a more perfect mama for your baby than you, trust your instincts, know that you won’t always get it right but that’s more than ok, & know mom guilt is something that I think most mamas have but also know that you are allowed to show yourself grace, love & patience. <3

    1. Oh my goodness , this may be the greatest advice I’ve received yet ! Thank you thank you for sharing this because I was just saying yesterday to DJ I’m worried I don’t have enough time to read everything I planned or prepare as much as I hoped- so this gives me so much peace ❤️ I will remember all of this as we move into this beautiful next phase!! Thank you, Kaci 💕

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