Friday Favorites! 2/18/22

TGIF! Hey all! It’s currently Thursday, and I work the later shift, so I was super stoked to sleep in. Well Mr. Moose had different plans, and we were up at 6:30… which is still sleeping in comparative to the work days, but man, I was looking forward to that 8:00 AM wake up. My sleep has not been so great the last few weeks, and I’m really starting to feel it. I started to lose that second trimester energy burst last week, and now at mid-27 weeks I am having flashbacks to that first trimester fatigue. I’m not ready for it, even though I knew this would happen. Still incredibly grateful though, and obviously, it’s all worth it!!!

Anywho, Moose just got out his zoomies and is finally crashing again. I have about 40 mins before I need to drive into work, so I figured why not crank out a Friday Favorites.

Without further ado, here are a few things I’ve been loving lately:

  1. Slip Hair Scrunchies. These were a Christmas gift, and I cannot believe how well they work & they’re adorable. I tended to use the spiral hair ties and thought nothing could beat them- but I am obsessed with these. My onlyyy gripe is they do stretch out a little bit over time, but then I just wrap them an extra time in my hair and they work just as well. They have a strong hold and do not damage my hair at all.

What are some of your favorites on this lovely, icy, when-is-winter-going-to-end Friday?



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19 thoughts on “Friday Favorites! 2/18/22

  1. I love your Friday Favorites and was so happy to hop on here and see a new one! Sorry about the lack of sleep lately; long-term restless nights are really the worst. It always feels so unpredictable, too, because when I go through bouts like that, some days I have lots of energy and other days I’m just wiped, and it feels like there is no rhyme or reason to either type of day. Hope you get some good sleep soon! Sometimes phases of life that are the best in so many ways (you’re about to be a mother! amazing!) seem like they are difficult in so many ways too (lack of sleep).

    Haha I binge watched the first season of Love is Blind and haven’t allowed myself to watch it since! I agree that the people watching is really fun and so worth it (and why it gets me every time!). I get too addicted to reality TV too easily, so I try to just stay away. I *did* watch the second season of Cheer recently though, and enjoyed it. I’m so impressed by the dedication and hard work and generally optimistic life outlook of the 18-20 year olds on that show. I think I was a bit more miserly at that age.

    Some of my Friday Favorites would include: Crumbl (the cookies are so sweet that I can have only like 1/4 of one at a time, but they’re so delicious! I never though I’d like a chilled cookie, but I’m obsessed); Olaplex (I have really frizzy hair and live in a humid climate and this has completely changed the texture of my hair, as well as my ability to manage it); and As for Me and My House (a new podcast I’m trying out–their episodes are hit or miss for me, but they have some good little nuggets of wisdom in there and it feels like you’re on a phone call between friends when listening to them).

    Hope your late shift went well, and that you get a holiday weekend!!

    1. Aw I’m so glad you enjoy these posts 🙂 Yess, I feel the same way!! Sometimes I ‘ll be just fine and other times I’ll be dragging. I find it interesting with the poor sleep in the third trimester too, my OB says it’s your body’s way of preparing you for sleepless nights!

      Oh my gosh I admire you so much for just staying away from reality TV. I wish I could do that, but it is my true vice lol. I still have to watch second season of Cheer, good to hear you thought it was a good one! And lol, I am with ya on being quite different at that age.

      I recently heard of Crumbl & NEED to try soon! Thankfully they have some not too far from here. Do you have a favorite flavor? I oddly like to chill most of my desserts, so this sounds soo up my alley!

      Olaplex is the BEST!! And that podcast sounds wonderful, I just love podcasts where you feel like you’re sitting with friends.

      Thanks so much for reading, friend!! I hope you are doing well 🙂

      1. Your OB’s theory is so great–your body knows what is best 🙂

        I like the classic at Crumbl. It’s a vanilla cookie with pink vanilla icing. It’s the only one I’ve liked so far actually, and still I rave about the place–that one cookie is that good! And I think it’s one of the only ones that is chilled, so it’s a good place to start!

  2. How have I never heard of Love is Blind!! I may need to start watching and I also may try those scrunches, which I can’t believe they are back in style!! Thanks for this fun Friday faves!!! XOXO love, your Ohio mom

  3. Excellent Faves! I read recently read “The Good Sister”, oh yes, very fun! The author writes a lot like Liane Moriarty. Decaf coffee pods- yes, it’s hard to find a good decaf. I recently switched to Nespresso and that’s a whole new wonderful coffee world. Excellent regular and decaf. (And you can recycle the pods- the company provides that service.) Stay strong- we all love the baby!

    1. Aw thanks for reading, Jena! Such a good call with her writing mirroring Liane Moriarty’s! I really tried to like Nespresso, but ultimately had to stick to the watered down bean water (Keurig) LOL. I’m so glad you are enjoying, I now most people love it & they do have so many wonderful flavors 🙂 Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  4. A nice collection of Friday faves Mackenzie – I still haven’t tried the hair coils you mentioned before. I never think of it when I order something from Amazon so maybe that is a good thing as I can try these now. I have not tried anything new lately. I don’t have a coffee maker, just use instant as it’s just me The rug cleaner looks like a great idea – I wanted to do my carpet over the Winter and have not gotten it done yet.

  5. Challenge of pregnancy (and child-rearing & parenting … well, life, really) is that things never quite proceed according to schedule, no matter what the books & experts say. Hope you will be able to catch much needed rest whenever you can!

    Moose certainly has a mind of his own! or at least, he is very insistent!

    1. So true!! I am going through a season of learning to be more flexible than ever, I think it’s a great opportunity to let go of that need to control so much.

      LOL he totally does!! You are so right!

      Thanks for stopping in, Ju-Lyn! Have a wonderful rest of your week 🙂

      1. The journey leading up to and through parenting is one of the most challenging & rewarding time of my life. I am so excited for you as you embark on your journey of growth & discovery.

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