Our Christmas & New Year’s Eve 2021!

Hello hello!!! Phewww, anyone else exhausted? I don’t think I have quite the stamina I did pre-pregnancy, lol. I hope you all had the most wonderful time with loved ones over the holidays and are having a very Happy New Year!

This was a very special Christmas with us living in Ohio for the first time in a decade.

DJ got off work a little early on December 23rd, so we did a quick little date night out to Core Life Eatery. I was ravenous and added just about everything possible to my salad.

We had quite a bit to get done preparing for Christmas during the day on Christmas Eve, but we  snuck in a lovely family walk with Moose in the afternoon.

His recent thing on walks is he loves to run around and scale these boulders along the trail. It’s amazing how agile and graceful he has become seemingly overnight.  

That evening I felt like I sort of could see a bump through my clothes for the first time! I know it probably was a still questionable – “did she eats too many tacos tonight or is she pregnant?”, but I was still soaking it up!

We went to a lovely Christmas Eve service filled with worship and scripture reading. We did have to bow out a bit early because I got super nauseated out of nowhere. As soon as I got something in my stomach I felt much better. Usually how it goes.

That evening we had the most wonderful Christmas Eve meal at my mom-in-law and Gordie’s home. They even made the end portion of the prime rib well done for me so I could have a few pieces <3 Now, that’s love- intentionally overcooking that high quality of meat! And oh my, was it tasty. Yes, I’m still ALL about the meat!!

After seconds, and probably thirds, we sat around enjoying our desserts and chatting away! It was so nice.

On Christmas Day, I woke up a little early to get some walking in and then we gathered up our gifts, our Moose, and we hit the road!

First stop was my mom-in-law and Gordie’s for brunch. I was craving a quiche something fierce when I woke up (probably because she usually makes them on Christmas, and they are always delicious!). When I walked in and saw them on the counter, I was so happy I could cry. It sounds dramatic, but let me tell you- it is the truth. I had my fair share of those tasty quiches and some of the rest of the yummy spread.

After brunch, we opened up gifts with the fam (watching the kids open their gifts was so much fun! It’s exciting to think next year our girl will be joining in on the fun with her cousins <3).

Moose also had a ball tearing into all the wrapping paper.

He even got his own stocking this year! He is one spoiled pup by his grandparents.

LOL I love these bones. They also got him a Mr. Bill toy Moose is obsessed with. He carries it around the house with him, and we’ll hear a random, “Oh Nooooo!” from Mr. Bill every once in a while. 😂

And of course, we had to get a Christmas picture!

That evening we went to my Dad-in-law’s and had a yummy Christmas dinner, opened gifts (Yes, Moose too!), ate the most insanely good cake bites from Daisy Cakes for dessert and soaked up all the family time!

On Sunday, Halston and Kevin came over in the morning so we could prepare our side dishes for the family get together on my Dad’s side of the fam that afternoon. We made a corn elote, simple fajita veggies and a bean dip. We then dropped Moose off at Bow Wow and headed to my brother and sister-in-law’s for a Mexican fiesta!

When they suggested tacos as our meal, I was all about it. Tacos have been one of my main cravings in the second trimester. I had about three of what’s pictured below.

After our food settled, DJ and Kevin played various sports with Jack around the house while my sister and I read some books with Kate. Then we opened gifts with them and Will when he woke up from his nap. It brings me such joy to see how excited they get with every gift.

When we got home later that evening we opened some gifts with my mom and Pete over Facetime! Even Moose got a package of goodies and toys addressed to “Mr. Moose”, like I said- spoiled by all his grandparents! He’s been loving it all. Anyway, it was so good to “see” them, but I still missed them tons these holidays. They’ll be here in January though, so we’re counting down the days.

The whole weekend created some very treasured memories <3

Monday December 27th, Moose captured in this picture how we all felt. He also is a big fan of the pregnancy pillow.

December 29th I hit a wall. I stayed in bed from 1 pm to about 5 pm. I finally was able to get out of bed in time to get some dinner, but even after that I was ready to hit the hay again.

December 30th, DJ and I both took COVID tests given we both were just not feeling 100%, thankfully they were both negative. I think we were just a bit worn out! That day I did wake up feeling better after the prior day of rest.

I went to Nervous Dog cafe in the late morning and wrote our Christmas Thank-Yous while sipping on a decaf cafe au lait. It was so nice! In the afternoon, I took Moose for a walk and then tackled more on the ol’ to-do list in the afternoon.

December 31st, DJ and I set aside New Year’s Eve for a date night. We haven’t had a lot of time together lately, so this was much needed! We found a reservation availability at Rosewood Grill in Hudson, a restaurant we have never been to but looked amazing.

When we got out of the car, we walked up to this beautifully lit wonderland with a gorgeous firepit leading into the restaurant. Inside was spectacularly decorated for Christmas as well!

Our reservation was at 8:45 pm, so we were ravenous by the time we arrived! We started with the spinach dip appetizer. It was absolutely incredible spinach dip.

I also was craving some greens so I had their local greens salad, which was so refreshing and served with the most delicious honey dressing.

For our mains, I had the scallops and shrimp risotto, and DJ ordered a filet. Both were phenomenal.We tried a side of the lobster risotto- holy moly this was insanely good.

For dessert, DJ had their crème brûlée. I wish I was a crème brûlée fan, but I always like it better in theory than when I actually eat it. DJ loved it though!

I had their key lime cheesecake, which was truly some of the best cheesecake I’ve had in my life. 

We did not have a bad bite of food the whole time we were there, and we will definitely have to return for another special occasion! It was a winner.

We went home and watched about 20 minutes of Succession before falling asleep at 1030, we did not even sniff midnight 😂

I am feeling so overwhelmed with gratitude for these special memories 💕 I can’t wait for this year to come!

Questions for you: 

  • How were your holidays?
  • What are you looking forward to this year?



34 thoughts on “Our Christmas & New Year’s Eve 2021!

  1. Happy sigh, I just love reading your posts so much!!! 🙂
    Christmas was absolutely beautiful this year. We also had a COVID scare (a few of us didn’t feel 100%), but it didn’t last long and we tested negative as well. The holidays were just filled with close family, delicious food, and two excited kiddos!
    One of my main goals for this year is to simplify my life and to make more time to just be. I know we’re only 4 days into 2022, but – so far so good. Ha, ha!!! 🙂

    1. Aww thanks so much, Nicole 🥰 you have a way of always making my day with your comments!!

      I’m so glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas and that you all tested negative too!

      I LOVE that about simplifying life- I need to take that with me!

      Thanks for stopping in 😊

  2. I think your bump is beyond precious and very much there! If I didn’t know I would think you just look like a beautiful and glowing pregnant young woman. All of the food looks and sounds incredible! Not in a, “you need my approval” at all sort of way (!) but I am so proud of you for honoring your cravings. A friend and blogger, Alexis craved and honored her meat cravings during pregnancy, and some people were appalled. I think the body is miraculous and smarter than us, so following its lead makes all the sense to me. Your daughter will have the best mama!

    I am so glad your Covid tests were negative. It’s just the season of go, go, go, and you both must have just needed a day!

    Happy New Year and may 2022 be kind to us all!

    1. Wow, what a yummy food and fun packed time! Also, Moose is getting so big now. 😍🐕

      Your bump is adorable and you are precious. Love you guys 💕

    2. Aww thank you so much, Kori!!! 🥰 this comment brought a huge smile to my face!

      Also thank you for saying that about the meat! I am so surprised that Alexis had trolls come after her for giving into her meat cravings – Good for her for honoring her cravings too. I am soo with you that our bodies are miraculous and smarter than we are! Pregnancy has allowed me to exercise intuitive eating to the full 🙌🏻Last night I had some ground bison, and I don’t think there is anything that would have tasted better in the moment- I bet it’s the iron/protein or something that my body is making sure it has in good supply.

      Happy new year to you too!! It’s still January, so still counts right? 😄🎉

  3. So fun to read this. I am so glad you are feeling better, the holidays are fantastic, but do require some rest afterwards. I am excited to see photos from the Rosewood Grill, we have never been but would love to try! Here’s to a fantastic 2022 for you two and can’t tell you how incredible it is to have you here with us in Ohio! X0X0 your Ohio MIL

    1. Thanks so much, Mom! We all should go back to Rosewood for a special occasion sometime, it’s amazing!We are so so happy to be here too (yes, even with this crazy snow!) and can’t wait for the year to come for all of us!! 💕

  4. Good times and good food abound in this post Mackenzie. I don’t detect a bump, but a healthy and happy glow and that is a great picture of you and DJ next to the Christmas tree. Moose is his usual cute and rambunctious self – dogs do love the wrapping paper don’t they? My aunt had a dog who drove her crazy squeaking his toys … she’d give him one and it would drive her up the wall, so she grab that slobbery toy and yank the squeaker out of it. Poor dog!

    1. Aw thank you, Linda!!

      Hehe he totally is his usual rambunctious self- that is a perfect way to describe him!!

      Awww poor thing – he was probably so confused where the squeaker went! but I do get why she would do that lol!!!

      Hope you are having a great start to the new year 😊

      1. Yes, he would stare at it as I recall. So far so good for me and hope you are still feeling well and that little bump is becoming more noticeable as we creep along to May?

      2. Thank you!!! It is slightly more noticeable, but still surprises people at work when I tell them I’m pregnant 😂 my mom didn’t show until 7 months, so I think I’m following in her footsteps! Hope you are doing well 😊

      3. You are thin so bet you are following in your mom’s footsteps. I’m doing okay, but the walking regimen has taken a hit the last week. I think you got slammed with this last storm didn’t you – aah the joy of Winter after spending Winter in a warmer climate, although Austin had that bad weather a year ago. Take care of yourself, be careful walking on the ice and snow especially with the exuberant Moose who loves snow!

      4. Oh yes we definitely got hit with it too!! It put holds on our walks too, which makes it hard with all of Moose’s pent up energy! Hopefully we can all get back to our walks soon, for our own sanity if nothing else LOL!

      5. I know – Thursday morning was the first time I’d seen the cement as my driveway was treacherous, then not 12 hours later we got the freezing rain again. February has been brutal this year.

      6. We have snow right now, another 3-6 inches. It WAS supposed to be powdery snow but IS still another wintry mix. I am so done with Winter this year!

      7. SAME! I couldn’t believe it when I woke up to snow this morning. Although, we do see some weekend temperatures in the 60s! I cannot wait!

  5. I LOVE your bump, it is so cute! You’re going to be the best mama. And Moose will make the best big brother! He’s so cute in of your holiday photos. And of course, his doggie grandparents outdid themselves, and I bet they’re going to be the best grandparents to your little girl. She’s so lucky to get to grow up around her extended family!

    Impressive holiday place setting! I love that even the silverware is festive. This year was the first year I went all out on holiday decorations, but I’m so happy to get into it and start my own decoration traditions! You’re right that next Christmas will be so extra special for you and DJ with your little one! One of my best friends says one of the best part of having kids is the holidays, because they’re so much more exciting through the eyes of children. Do you have any plans for holiday traditions? We’re hoping to always see at least three new sets of holiday lights. I think we’ve done all the big ones in Austin, but this year we ventured down to see Johnson City and New Braunsfels lights, both of which were breathtaking.

    Happy new year! Hope your holiday season wound down well and can’t wait to hear about the new job!

    1. Aww thank you so much, Taylor 🥰 that means tons!!! 💕 They really all will be the best grandparents, we feel so lucky! ❤️

      Right?! I had to take a picture because the place setting was all so picture perfect!

      That’s so fun you went all out this year!! It really makes it feel like Christmas being surrounded by decorations like that! 🎄

      Aww that’s so sweet what your friend said about having kids around the holidays- I am so looking forward to soaking them up with our baby girl! I bet it makes everything that much more magical! I don’t know that we have any traditions just yet (besides Christmas cookie baking with the fam), but we definitely would like to create some 😊

      I LOVE that idea about three sets of holiday lights – there are some amazing ones in that area too! I feel like I heard about New Braunsfels – so glad you experienced them!!

      Happy new year to you too (even though I’m a bit late to this, at least it’s still January 😄), hope you are doing so well!!

      1. Baking Christmas cookies is definitely a tradition worthy of carrying on 😀 Happy New Year to you, too!

  6. Hi Mackenzie !! I do feel exhausted sometimes but get through it ! I hope you are taking plenty of time for you and relaxing ( sorry to sound like a Mom !) Your salad looks sooo good. How nice to get in a pre Christmas family walk. Awww look at you with your Baby bump !! It is so exciting to be at that stage of your pregnancy . I am sorry to hear you did not feel well at the service, It is good you got to eat. That was nice they made your prime rib well done. The cravings !! The quiches do look so tasty. Moose did really well with his gifts! The Mr. Bill is a cute toy for him. Look at you two, the parents to be !! I love your outfit , the sweater really suits you. I have to say I really like taco’s now myself! How nice to see the kids open their gifts . It will be fun seeing your baby girl open hers in the next few years. The pregnancy pillow is a big hit ! The Rosewood restaurant looks so well put together on the outside . Their food is making me hungry now ! Creme Brulee is pretty good but I will go for the keylime pie given the choice ! That is funny you did not make it to midnight, we did not either !! They were great memories for your first Christmas back home in many years . It will be a wonderful year for you both !!! We had a nice time with in-laws at Christmas . I am looking forward to a trip home and seeing my family after 4 years !! Thanks for sharing your Christmas , and all your posts throughout the past year, best wishes, Terri xo.

    1. Hi Terri! Haha that’s ok, I need to hear it. January has been go go go every day, I’ve had to start actually scheduling in rest days 😅

      Aww thank you!! So glad you liked the outfit!

      Yesss good choice with the key lime ! 🙌🏻

      Glad we weren’t the only ones to not make it to midnight 😂

      So happy you had a nice Christmas!! Wow!! Where exactly is home ? I know you have lived in New York before if I remember correctly (if not I’ll blame it on pregnancy brain lol!). 4 years is a long time though, so excited for you to go back!

      Thanks for stopping in, friend!!

  7. May I say you are one of the most elegant women I know – pregnant or otherwise! My favourite image is you & DJ with the Christmas tree.

    All that delicious food! yum yum …. but that spinach dip ….

    I think Moose had a fabulous holiday season – what’s not to love: attention, pressies, good food! I love how you all celebrate together!

    1. Aww this is just the sweetest comment, thank you, Ju-Lyn- means so much 💕- especially because I feel far from elegant most days!

      I was just talking about that spinach dip a couple days ago !! It was so. good. 😍

      Thanks for sharing in our holiday celebrations with us! Hope you are so well 🤗

  8. ah you guys are back in ohio! how nice! with your pregnancy and being back home it all must feel like perfect timing! 😀

    also, what a cute baby bump!!! enjoy these times, i took weekly pictures of my baby bump and it’s nice going back to look through pics of it and seeing how much it grew LOL

    and i love this whole post! lots of family time with the kids too and doggo!<3
    cannot wait to keep up with your posts on a weekly basis, hopefully, if i can come around 🙂

    1. It definitely all feels like the timing could not be perfect!! It feels sometimes like a lot of “new” at once, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

      Yesss! I have been doing something similar and I already am surprised to see the difference and I still have 17 weeks left!!

      Can’t wait to keep up with your posts too! I’ve so missed reading them! ❤️ hope all is well!!

      1. honestly you need new! life is ever-changing and we need some new things every once in a while to get us out of our constant routine that can become stressful. lol, at least that’s how i feel about change i’m all for it lol

        i’m soo sooo excited for you!!! 😀 😀 😀

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