Paper planes, Colleen’s and Pizza! 🍕

Hey everyone! I am chillin’ here on a Saturday night with DJ sitting next to me. He is plugging away on school work with finals right around the corner. We have a bergamot and sandalwood candle burning from HEB. It has a unique, but wonderful, scent.

Lately, I have started studying for my boards, so I am chipping away at that a bit each day. I have also done a lot of “back burner” items since being back in ATX, some Christmas shopping and deep cleaning of the apartment. I start back up my clinicals in a few weeks (back in Fort Worth again), so I’ll be going back to stay with my mom and Pete (I am so thankful to be able to stay with them!!). This rotation is much shorter this time around. Then I will start a different rotation when I’m back in Austin. Wow that is wordy! Don’t worry, there’s no quiz later 😉

Anyway, picking up from the last post, after my final shift, I left New Orleans around 3 am after getting the car packed up. I tried to sleep, but it was not happening with how my body had totally flipped schedules. I figured why not just drive through the night. I started listening to Where the Crawdads Sing on audiobook for my drive- it was phenomenal!!! I would say it is a contender for one of my all time favorite “reads” (even though I listened). I heard they are making a movie of it soon- cannot wait!
When I was home and unpacking we noticed a piece of paper tumble onto our patio from above (please excuse the dirty windows). 

Here is the message inside the little airplane…

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We had a huge laugh about this and, of course, threw them back the connect 4 pieces.

After unpacking and taking a nap, I was quite hungry. My first meal I was craving back was Chilantro’s tofu bowl. 

It doesn’t look like much, but oh my, it is a delish dish! DJ enjoys their tacos.

When I was actually in New Orleans, the one food I craved the most that I didn’t ever have (since I was eating mostly non-perishables) was…. eggs!!!! Since my circadian rhythms were a bit thrown off, I woke up around 3 am wiiiide awake, and decided to have some avocado toast with an egg and an Easter frosted cookie. I forgot just how good avocado toast + an egg was. Magic. (Spoken like a true millennial).

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The first Sunday back I was thinking how nice ordering a brunch in would be. I stumbled upon a great brunch takeout spot called Colleen’s Kitchen! 

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We ordered a whole bunch of brunchy (say that 10 times fast) items from their cheesy grits to their chicken and waffles to their smoked salmon crackers and cranberry biscuits! It was a brunch if there ever was one! My mouth is watering just remembering it now.

That afternoon, I went through my mountain of mail and opened a couple super thoughtful gifts and cards sent from family and friends. My amazing family sent me this package of cake pops! This has extra special meaning since it is actually a cake pop shop owned by one of my high school teachers. They were the absolute best cake pops I have ever had! If you want to check out her shop visit this link 🙂

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 55d260ea-5dec-4a07-a649-f0696a7e33b2-819x1024.jpgAlso my dear blogging friend over at Cyranny’s Cove sent me this awesome and extremely thoughtful candle that has a diamond once it burns down. This warmed my heart sooo much. Oh and she also sent along a roll of toilet paper, which we all know has been like gold this year, hehe! Thank you again, Cyra! <3

Later that afternoon, DJ and I went and strolled along Lady Bird Lake. We now have an official walking path that is about 4 miles. We love taking that walk together whenever we have a chance. The views are beautiful and the wildlife always keeps us entertained!

A few days later we tried a new restaurant for us called Galaxy Cafe. DJ ordered their burger, and I tried their Galaxy buddha bowl with steamed kale, homemade lentils, brown rice pilaf, roasted sweet potatoes, mushrooms and a side of chile peanut vinaigrette with salmon. We will be ordering again!

Around this time I began my semester! I still had some time to put in before beginning clinicals to make it to my 14-day mark since New Orleans. 

Mid-May we realized it had been far too long since we had dug into some Via 313!!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cdfb36d6-47d4-472d-962b-f26a82fb2b18-887x1024.jpgFour cheese is my go-to, so I made sure to get that! On another pizza we ordered the Detroiter (DJ’s favorite). For the last za’ we experimented with half of the Cadillac which has gorgonzola, fig Preserves, parmesan, and balsamic glaze (my new favorite) and half of The 500 with pepperoni, jalapeno, and pineapple rings (probably not an order-again). 

This stuff is soooo good! 

That night around dusk we went for a walk together around town. It was a lovely evening in ol’ Austin.

We saw this cute little heart lit up in one of the buildings downtown. I always kinda wonder how they coordinate this.

And I’ll end this post with one more walk around the lake 🙂

I’ll share a couple more highlights from this past summer in the next couple posts! Thanks for reading!

Question for you:

  • Any funny neighbor stories? 😅

40 thoughts on “Paper planes, Colleen’s and Pizza! 🍕

  1. It’s good to have a minute to catch up on what you’ve been up to. That chicken from your chicken and waffles looks pretty fried…my kinda chicken! 🙂

  2. Hi Mackenzie! It’s great to see you blogging. I love your blog and your photos are awesome! The food is amazing! Have a very Merry Christmas season! ❤🙂🎈

    1. Hi Kathy! Your comments always brighten my day 🙂 Thank you so much!!! Merry Christmas season to you!

    1. Hi, Lori! That’s a good point! Their balcony is pretty close, so it didn’t take much- (also DJ threw them back, if I had tried it may have been a different story with forever lost connect four pieces lol!). Thanks for stopping in 🙂

  3. So happy you are blogging more! Your posts are gems, like you! The food and lovely views were amazing this time. Loved your funny neighbor story. The only thing that comes to mind for me re: neighbors, is that our neighbor is a great gal, she works for NASA and from time to time she organizes neighborhood space station watch parties. We all stand outside, craning our heads and eyes to spot the station. Which is actually fun and cool. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you ! It has been soooo nice to be back here. I feel like “myself” when I take time to blog, and the sweet reception back really means a lot! <3

      Okay that is TOO cool about your neighbor!! How awesome!! I have always found astronomy so interesting. Have I ever told you about how I went to "space camp" when I was younger? Lol.

      Merry Christmas to you too, Jena!!

  4. Your food pics always make me soooooo hungry!!!! Ha ,ha! Honest confession, I am obsessed with friend eggs and avocado toast… but I have yet to have a fried egg ON an avocado toast. Ha, ha. I think I need to remedy that this week!! 🙂 I kind of don’t know if I’ll be able to wait until Saturday though, which is when I typically have avocado toast. It just sounds SO good!!!
    The book “Where the Crawdads Sing ” is on my bucket list to read. Glad to hear it was a good read! Always looking for books that will suck me right in!
    Loved all the pics and your blog. (Although then again, when do I never? HA!!! Always so excited to see a new post from you pop up)! Merry Christmas!!!

    1. Ohhhh you have got to try the egg + avocado together!! Currently I am on a kick where I have a sweet potato with the egg and avocado, hummus and everything but the bagel seasoning- oh my goodness, so tasty!!

      I think you will love Where the Crawdads Sing! I feel like it is one of those books that transports you in time and space and the character development/writing/etc. is just incredible.

      AW thank you for sweet words about the pics 🙂

      Merry Christmas to you, Nicole!! xoxo

  5. I missed your blog but I know you’re so busy with clinicals and school work. It looks like you were able to have some time off and refresh which I’m so happy about.

    You always find the best food spots. Everything always sounds and looks delicious!

    Funny neighbor story – so there’s a girl (in 1st grade I believe she said) that lives 2 houses down from us and she looooves to talk. Told me her life story when I moved in and was asking all about Bailey. The other day I was leaving to take Bailey on a walk and she was out with her mom and basically walked into my house to say hi to Bailey. The mom was like “Alexis you can’t do that!”. It made me laugh so much on my walk.

    1. Hi, Maureen!! Aw thank you so much. Yes, I was definitely thankful for a little bit of time to recoup!

      Oh my gosh, that is too funny!! hahah. Sounds like you are making friends fast (maybe it’s Bailey making friends fast)- lol!!

  6. I love reading your blog and catching up on your life! I’m glad to hear things have been well and you’re still finding amazing food to share with us!

    The only funny neighbor story I have is from college. My roommate and I were always hearing sooo much noise from the room above us. Like I swear they were bowling or something. We started leaving them notes on their door just for fun. It turned into a few passed notes and then eventually we met in person and became friends. The funny part is, the noise was definitely not coming from them as they pretty much just played video games 24/7 and didn’t move nearly enough to enough have us hearing footsteps. We still don’t know why it was always so loud but it was nice to make new friends!

    1. Hey Em! Aw thank you tons!! that means lots 🙂

      Hahah ohhhh I relate to loud bowling upstairs neighbors! That’s so great that yours ended on a high note! It is so odd how noise can travel through buildings!

      Thanks for stopping in, Em 🙂

  7. oh my gosh Mack, your lake pictures are stunning – that tree photo – wow!!! The candle from Cyra is too cute and thoughtful, you are so loved <3
    How funny about the connect 4 pieces!! I love how the note was sent on a paper aeroplane, too fun!!
    Hope you're keeping well lovely <3

    1. AW thank you, Jennie!!!

      She was SOO sweet to send that. She is an amazing friend for many years now!

      Right? Too funny about the plane! haha. Hope you are well too.
      Thank you for stopping in, beauty! <3

  8. Where the Crawdads Sing!! Same!! I think that is a top contender for one of my all-time favorites. That airplane note is too funny! I love that walk that you’ve found. It looks so beautiful and relaxing. I hope you have a lovely December, Mackenzie. xx

    1. Yes!! I think we have very similar tastes in reading! Glad you feel the same about it!

      Thanks for your comment Amy- I hope you have a lovely December as well 🙂

    1. Hehe- it cracked us up!!!

      Aw, thank you, Diane! I usually mess up the eggs, so I had to document one time I actually got it right, lol.

      Hope you are doing well too 🙂

  9. No funny neighbors like yours Mackenzie. 🙂 The folks are friendly in Texas. Were these puzzle connector pieces? I love the idea of sending down a paper airplane. The food all looked good, those waffles looked awesome and even the egg and avocado toast made my mouth water and I’m not even a millennial! Of course I loved the walking tours you took, especially the wildlife. That’s an interesting-looking duck or goose you took a photo of. I wonder what type it is? Warm memories you’ll have when you start back to school, but lucky you, you can stay with your mom and Pete.

    1. They are so friendly! And overall I’m just thankful they aren’t loud lol- they can drop down connect 4 pieces or paper airplanes anytime 😄

      Hmmm I am not sure if it was a duck or goose- I believe a duck! But I am no expert!

      Thanks, Linda ! Have a great week ahead, friend!

      1. Oh sure – after the debacle you dealt with at your last apartment.

        It was unusual looking and I’m no duck or goose expert either.

        You have a good week ahead too Mackenzie. Enjoy your break.

      2. I sure did, having gone through a similar experience with next door’s basset hound baying right under my window way before the crack of dawn for over a year. 🙂

      3. Oh yes I remember that!! What happened to that situation? Did they get it under control?

  10. That is so funny and cute about the connect 4 pieces. Oh my gosh girl avocado toast and eggs are phenomenal! I actually have been eating it for dinner every night the last week. That brunch spot sounds SO yummy! This whole post makes me hungry! Your walking path spot is gorgeous! Also girl you are selling Austin to me when this is all over! Sending yo so much love beauty! <3

    1. Yessss avocado toast and egg for any meal!! It’s sooo good. Have you put the everything but the bagel seasoning from TJs on it?

      Ahh yayy!!! Come to Austin!! You would love 😍 ❤️❤️

      1. Yes I have! At least I use to Lol….The closest Trader Joe’s is over the border in Maine and with COVID I usually just go to the beach then head back to NH 🙁 I should have asked Santa for it! Or they need to do an online store! Lol. Girl I want too! It looks gorgeous! <3

      2. Ah they really do need an online store! I haven’t shopped there as much since they have usually had lines out the door and around the corner since COVID began. So I totally get that- hopefully we will be back freely shopping there soon 🙂

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