A Basic Bae Day in the Bay!

Hi hi my friends!! I just submitted my last assignment for the semester! Woooohoooo! Wow, this one flew. I have a couple week breather before starting a pretty intense semester- getting into the nitty gritty of my advanced nursing courses with advanced patho and phys. I’m really excited about this next course, but a touch nervous considering we have a huge move, my sister’s bridal shower, bachelorette party, and wedding all within a couple month span. All great things- but I just hope I find a way to stretch each day time wise.

ANYWHO, talk about digression right off the bat… lol.

This post is all from Sunday April 7th. Tammy and I made a whole day out of exploring SF!

I do have to add an asterisk to this post. **It was a Basic Bae day in the Bay minus one. We missed our Dani dearly. It was not complete without all three of the Basic Baes of the Bay trio, but was still one of my all time favorite days exploring SF!

I woke up around 6:00 am and ran about 7 miles. Tammy met me at our apartment then we drove down gorgeous 280 into the city.

We arrived around 9 am after the hour drive. Parking is always the most difficult part of navigating the city, so I dropped Tammy off to get our names on the wait list at Zazie– the brunch spot we chose to try!

It took me a looong time to find parking, but finally I found a spot near this school with a eye-catching mural.


Time to walk, walk, walk.

Made it!


We ate in their main restaurant, but they have a serenely beautiful back garden area you can dine in too! We were more eager to get food rather than wait longer for a garden spot haha.

4cf585d6-c6ba-4b2d-a0fd-9202d8a2abf1a67eef91-bb12-4c51-9e40-37b58891de7fZazie is considered one of the best brunch spots in SF. They are a french inspired restaurant known for their awesome Benedicts, french toast, and pancakes. They have miracle pancakes which are rotated every few weeks too! I would like to go back and try those at some point- they have a lemon curd one, but they weren’t serving it while we were there.


Rarely do I go to a breakfast spot where the coffee blows me away… but I took one sip of this, and it was so smooth and scrumptious.


Tammy enjoyed their yummy chai tea latte.


We split two dishes- first up was the La Mer with hand picked California Dungeness crab, avocados, and chives. I honestly didn’t think anything could top Bill’s Benedicts– but this is a serious contender. You guys, this is maybe the best Benedict I’ve ever had in my entire existence. HOLY STINKIN’ COW. I don’t know what they put in it- but wow. And the potatoes are even served with whole garlic cloves.. the whole dish is a flavor explosion.


We also ordered the gingerbread pancakes with lemon curd and Bosc pears. It was one of the items people raved about on Yelp, and I totally see why ! They were super satisfying- they reminded me of fall <3 *Sigh*- is is fall yet? Lol. The combo of the ginger/lemon/pear was wonderful. I will say I am more of a thinner pancake fan, so the actual texture was a bit too fluffy for my personal preference, but the flavor was so good I would eat them in any way, shape, or form! Also a fun fact about Zazie- they do not accept tips because the “tip” is worked into the original price. They provide their employees the following from their website: “a living wage, revenue share, paid family leave, fully funded health & dental insurance, paid time off, and a 401(k) with employer match for all of our hard working employees”. How cool is that? I wish all restaurants did this. 


After our wonderful brunch we hiked Marin Headlands for a bit.


These views never get old. The Golden Gate suddenly appeared in the distance.


We killed time until we were able to see the Point Bonita lighthouse, the last manned lighthouse on the Californian coast! It is only open on Sundays and Mondays for a short window of time (only about three hours). Around 12:30 we headed over- right when it opened. On our way, we took in the sights and lovely blooms.


On the way they had “cell audio stops” where you could call a number and hear fun tidbits about the place you were viewing.


If you look very closely you will see the path to the lighthouse in the picture below and the tunnel that crosses straight through the mountainous landscape to get there.

The tour guide was a sweet older man that volunteered for the park- his last name was “Van Winkle” which we found so endearing. About five minutes before it “opened” he gave us a bit of the history about the lighthouse which was so fascinating. They actually do not know who hand carved the tunnel to get to the lighthouse- its all a bit of a mystery!


Time to cross through the tunnel! I was a bit nervous knowing we had to go through a tunnel since I am mildly claustrophobic, but it was wide enough that I was just fine.


What awaited us on the other side was this breathtaking, unreal lighthouse. I mean the pictures cannot even fully capture the beauty!


Time to cross the bridge!


We walked around, read a bit of the history on the inside of the lighthouse, and enjoyed the spectacular views.


LOVE this pic of Tammy- she’s so photogenic.


Time to hike on back to the car.


Back through the tunnel..


The Marin Headlands area has got to be one of the most breathtakingly beautiful areas in the Bay. On our way out we spotted a mini super bloom (is that an oxymoron?). We wouldn’t be able to call ourselves the Basic Baes if we didn’t pull over and grab some pics with all the poppies! We were surprised we were the only ones there?!


Frolic, frolic, frolic.


A little lady bug joined in on the photo shoot 🙂


Naturally, we were hungry again- so we browsed spots in the city to check out. Tammy stumbled across The Dorian– a placed I’d wanted to try for a while too! Even from the outer decor this place was a winner.


Inside was decorated with an ode to the 19th century, but somehow maintained modern Californian vibes.


Tammy ordered their famous Frose (Yes, it is topped with nerds!), and I had a glass of their regular Rose.


We also split a couple deviled eggs (I just took off my little bacon bit).


We also were craving oysters, so we split some on the half shell. I loved the fixin’s they served it all with- it all just hit the spot. Perfect to “cool down” after our high energy explorations.


And saving the best for last- Stonemill Matcha *Heart eyes heart eyes heart eyes*.


We ordered a whole bunch to sample and just took home all leftovers since we were heading home after.

To start with- the black sesame puff!


Mmm mmm! This was fantastic! The texture… flavor… just satiating. The next day I had the second half with coffee- perfect combo!


The main thing I wanted to try here was the matcha creme pie. It surpassed expectations. WOW-ZA. It was creamy & fluffy, full of flavor, and insanely delicious.


The next dish I couldn’t help but try because of its true uniqueness was the Matchazuke. This is made with rice, salmon, nori, green onion, and a matcha dashi (Japanese type soup). I had no clue what to expect, but this was magnificent. The combination of the flavors made this one of my favorite salmon dishes I have ever had.


Tam ordered their famous Katsu Sando- Look at that hearty pork slice!


She also ordered the pork gyoza, which she raved out! It was served generously with rice, miso soup, and pickled cabbage.


The spread!


While walking back to our car, we saw another eye catching mural we had to stop and admire.


We also passed a dog park and stopped to watch the pups play before heading home.


Thanks for reading!

Questions for you:

  • I’d love to hear a highlight of your life right now!
  • What is something you are looking forward to?

xo <3

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74 thoughts on “A Basic Bae Day in the Bay!

  1. I’m right on board with you being excited but stressed in a way about the next chapter. We’re moving too, although not as big of a move as you and DJ are making. I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures these next few months!

    I love the idea of the cell phone tidbits. It’s so convenient to just call something so you can actually look at the beauty around you instead of standing and reading the sign to learn everything.

    One highlight of my life right now is that my cousin visited over the weekend! We hadn’t seen each other in almost a year and a half so it was a blast showing her around.

    1. Yes totally! I will never forget in health class in high school we learned about “eu stress” meaning good stress- I always think of that through these seasons- it’s stressful, but all GOOD stress. Reminds me to count the blessings! I can’t wait to hear all about y’alls move too!

      And totally! It’s so fun because the audio will tell you where to look and the tidbits about it- so it feels like you are living in a movie in a way! Especially if you love history(which I know you do), it’s really fascinating!

      So fun! I saw the post with you too- looked like a wonderful time 🙂 Cousin friendships are special ones. Have a great Thursday, Maureen! Thanks for stopping in!

  2. I am headed to Starbucks and Target this morning… Ha, ha!! Those are two of my happy places, so I’m pretty excited. 🙂 (Sometimes it’s the simple things in life). Hee, hee.
    And oh my goodness, this really sounds like THE best day!!! I really, really, hope that I make it out there one day (although I’m not sure what I’d be more excited about… the sights or the tastes). 🙂 The tunnel leading up to the lighthouse is just too neat!

    1. YAASS, that’s what I’m talkin’ about ! Nothing better to make for a guaranteed good day 🙂 The simple things are ALWAYS the best things in life. Hope you enjoyed!!

      Girl, I’m with you- rarely does something trump food for me, but in this case the views are hard to beat! Good thing you get both 🙂 I hope you can make it someday- I can help you construct an itinerary too if you want when that time comes!

      Thanks for stopping in, Nicole 🙂

    1. Aw I’m so glad you enjoy them 🙂 Can’t wait to share- it’s been a busy week! Have a great day!

  3. I’m in absolute awe over all of the murals, especially the gorgeous birds outside of The Dorian!! I’m in love with their decor and vibe. Allll of the food is to die for, especially all of the matcha dishes!! They look in-credible. Thank you for sharing about the lighthouse! My mom loved lighthouses, so Kaci and I would get her some things and trinkets that we put on display at our lake house. Reading about this just feels special, you know? I am adding it to my growing bucket list of places to visit and explore! <3

    1. Aren’t the birds SO beautiful? I was obsessed!

      Ahhh I so wish I could have shared alll of them with ya.

      Aww I love that lighthouses have a special place for you & your family too <3 I hope you can visit this place one day because there is no way that my pictures do justice- it was the definition of breath taking!!

  4. Some of your Marin Headlands pics are basically my 7th grade field trip come back to life.

    The Eggs Benedict looks about as good as you said it was. I’m jealous!

    1. I love that!! Hopefully those are good memories– but 7th grade- could go either way, lol.

      YES- it was insanely good. And the potatoes with the whole clove garlic was just maddeningly delicious. If you and the fam can make a trip back here- add this spot to the list!

  5. Loved this! Such gorgeous pictures! I’ve never made it out to that lighthouse. Do you think a toddler can handle that trek to the lighthouse?
    Best of luck getting everything accomplished on your to-do list. Sounds overwhelming, but in a good and fun way!

    Belated congratulations to DJ! So excited for you and your big your move to Texas, albeit a bit sad too….whenever I’d pass Cupertino, I’d think “that’s where Mack lives”…:-)

    1. Hi, Sus!! So glad you enjoyed these pics 🙂 And the walk is probably (rough estimate) about half a mile from parking- it’s not awful-and if you get there right when it opens the line goes by super fast! I think it’s doable and so worth it 🙂 The only thing is there are some kinda scary drops on the walkway- of course there are railings- but still something to consider.

      Haha overwhelming is right- but at least it’s a fun overwhelming 🙂

      Awwwww!!!!!!! That just warmed my heart that you think of us when you pass Cupertino. <3 Thanks for stopping in, Susie- hope you have the best day !

  6. How exciting that you just finished up your semester!! I still have a couple of weeks but I’m so close. I love that yours went by fast! I feel like mine has gone by pretty slowly lol. Also, I’m hugely impressed that you will be continuing school during your move and all the crazy summer wedding events!! Because of our move and the unknown for the rest of the year, I’m not planning on starting another semester until January, lol. I think I would be too stressed! Also, I’m not sure out the in-state/out-of-state tuition works and we can’t afford out-of-state, so I might have to just wait for that anyway….

    Your adventures in the bay look soooo gorgeous! I mean, that photo of the lighthouse is absolutely breathtaking! I can’t believe you LIVE there. It’s like something out of a fairytale.
    I’ve never had oysters, but I NEED to try them, especially with us moving to the coast!

    1. Almost there, girl!!

      Haha I really don’t know how I’m about to juggle it all, but with anything in life- it gets done! That’s really great your school is so flexible though!

      Girl, it really did feel like a story book at that lighthouse. The pictures I have seen in the past did not do any justice. I was just blown away!

      YAASS- okay oysters are a must on the east coast! I will say it took me about five times to really enjoy/ appreciate them. They are a unique food, so it takes a bit of palate warming up to them. But after a while I started craving them! Hope you enjoy 🙂 Thanks for stopping in !

      1. I’m a little nervous to try oysters, but I want to! Everyone raves about them so I want to give them an honest shot for sure. 🙂

      2. Totally worth it! And they are usually pretty cheap to sample just a couple- especially during happy hours!

    1. It was just soo pretty, Kathy! The photos cannot even really capture the beauty- but thank you for your sweet words! Have a great Thursday 🙂

    1. Aw thanks girl 🙂 Truly hard to actually capture the beauty of the lighthouse, but definitely gave it my best effort. Thank you for stopping in!

  7. I feel ya on having a couple crazy months coming up! John and I keep joking that we have no free time between now and August and he isn’t completely lying, haha. It’s all exciting stuff, though!

    That brunch spot seems amazing! I’m totally craving a chai tea latte right about now. I am dying to try that benedict and those pancakes! Zazie just sounds like an overall great place!

    The lighthouse and scenery are just picture perfect! You must’ve been in awe! I love the photos of you- you’re so stinkin’ adorable and photogenic! I love how you sampled all those delicious treats! Sounds like something my friends and I would do as well!

    A highlight of my life right now is just having all my wedding plans falling into place! It makes me feel so productive 🙂 I am realllllly looking forward to my TEN day spring break that starts in about 4 hours (but who is counting?!). It’s a much-needed, well-deserved break! 🙂

    1. GIRL- I don’t know how you keep a blog going while planning a wedding! I had zero free time during that phase of my life- so major kudos to youuuu!!! But yes, all sooo good & exciting 🙂

      Oohh hope you can hunt down a chai tea latte soon & Zazie is one of the best brunches I’ve had in the Bay yet! so yummy yummmy.

      Aw oh my gosh, you are too sweet to me- thank you tons, Em! I don’t consider myself photogenic, so that really made me feel good!

      Our favorite friend adventures are foodie adventures always! haha.

      YAYYY! So glad to hear the wedding planning is all going so smoothly. Ahhhh ENJOY that spring break, Em! So well deserved 🙂

  8. Well, first off, disregard my comment on your other post when I asked if you were off school this Summer this answered that question. Well you have a very full schedule coming up so I know you’ll portion your time out right and enjoy every event (even the moving part). The hike is lovely – more rolling hills and frolicking on them. No cows today. Tammy got a great picture of you looking back on the bridge to the lighthouse. The scenery and the treats were spectacular, from start to finish!

    1. Hehe well I’m glad I answered your question- I hope you’re right! It’s all coming at a lightning speed!

      No cows today, lol! But still beautiful rolling hills & poppies!

      Aw thank you, Linda! So glad you enjoyed this 🙂

      1. I did – poppy fields are beautiful. My neighbor used to have them on one side of her yard – they would bloom with huge petals, very beautiful. Yes, you did answer my question – you have your work cut out for you after this break Mackenzie – make the most of your time off.

      2. Absolutely! I have never seen so many poppies in one place. I bet that yard of your neighbor’s was gorgeous!

        Thanks so much, I will 🙂 ! Can’t wait to share all the adventures lined up! <3

  9. Looks like you guys had such an amazing day!! I love all your pictures. I need to check all of these places out next time I am in SF! I’ve been saving up money for hopefully a vacation next year, so maybe we’ll be able to go there again since we didn’t get to do much last time we were there.

    1. Aw glad you liked the pics!! YES- I would highly recommend taking time to see the lighthouse & hike the headlands next time you are in SF 🙂 It is one of my favorite things I have done so far!! Hope you can visit next year!!!

  10. Congrats on submitting your last assignment girl!! Also I love how much effort you always put into your posts, youre such a fab blogger (ps them pancakes look amaze) xxx

    1. Thanks, girl!!! Awww this just made my day- thank you always for the sweetest, most encouraging comments. <3 xox

  11. I made sure I ate a Rich & Chewy granola bar before reading your post! I always enjoy reading about SF (we have a total of 7 road trips under our belt and one airline flight!) and I’m always amazed at how much there is to see and experience! I’m looking forward to warmer weather and an upcoming trip to Vancouver Island (this time to explore the capital city of Victoria where there is good food, books and tea!)!

    1. Aww glad you fueled up for this marathon of a post 🙂

      From your SF trips- what are the things/places you remember the most? We are about to move here soon & I’m getting really nostalgic <3 Trying to make sure I don't miss out on anything before we move! I'm so glad you enjoy these SF posts!

      Warmer weather is always something to celebrate & Oohhh Vancouver Island sounds like a magnificent place. Enjoy! Thanks for stopping in, Kimberlee!

  12. I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU that you are finished with your semester!!! I hope you soak up all the time off from school! Praying for you with all you have going on – you are going to be just fine!

    I am adding SF to my “must travel to” list! It looks so beautiful.

    The highlight of my life right now is helping my parents move! It is so fun watching them move into their dream home!

    I am looking forward to school ending and graduating. I am only a few short weeks away!!


    1. Ahh thank you sooo much, Anastasia! I am thankful for this touch of time off for sure 🙂

      Oh man- when you visit SF let me know because I will give you the down low of where you need to go/what you need to eat/what you need to do 🙂

      Awww yay!! So special for your parents & I’m sure they are so thankful to have you there to help too!

      YAYYY! GIRL, you are soooooo close! WOOHOO! can you tell I’m excited for you?! XOX

  13. The food from Zazie looks delicious and wow the photos of the lighthouse and the surrounding area look amazing!
    Also a matcha cafe?! I need to go!

    1. I was blown away by both Zazie & the Lighthouse! Such an unforgettable day.

      GIRL- yessss, you would love Stonemill! Hope you can try one day 🙂

      1. I just looked it up & there’s Matcha Bar in Copenhagen which is a vegan restaurant that serves matcha drinks + food & other things

  14. Wow! The Marin Headlands look like a great way to spend the day. I would have been apprehensive about the tunnel as well. I’m glad to hear it didn’t induce claustrophobia. I love a lighthouse. I’m drooling at all the food!! I haven’t had matcha in a pie (I’m not sure I’ve had it at all yet), but it looks so appetizing!

    1. The Marin Headlands are incredible! It’s the type of place I visit over and over again cause it’s so darn wonderful/peaceful/gorgeous. This lighthouse should definitely be added to your bucket list! It’s soooo beautiful in person- truly hard to describe. I think you would LOVE this matcha pie- so wish I could share some with ya!

  15. Congratulations on finishing up your semester, Mackenzie!! I don’t know how you fit so much into one life, lol. You are seriously a super human– I know you’ll be able to balance all your future plans wisely. 🙂

    Zazie looks incredible!! The benedict & potatoes with WHOLE garlic need to be in my belly. YUM! I love their “no tip policy” but, I’ve heard servers usually make less that way– though, those benefits could be worth it!

    The lighthouse is absolutely beautiful & I love the photos of you guys on the bridge & in the field. ♡

    That Japanese salmon dish sounds sooo extravagant & delicious. I wanna try!!! 🤤

    1. Awww thanks, Hunida!!! My goodness, that is sweet of you to say! Really hoping it all works out this summer with all going on- I know it will cause it just always does, right?!

      YES YES the whole garlic does need to be in your belly- it’s magnificent. I think allll restaurants need to make their brekky potatoes that way!

      That’s so interesting about the tips- good to know though! I’d be curious to talk to a server who works there and hear their thoughts on that whole set up!

      Aw thanks so much- and believe it or not the lighthouse was difficult to capture. It was trulyyyy breath taking in person. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

      Ok, that salmon dish was one of the cheaper ones I’ve had around here & one of the best. I seriously craveeee it. Thanks for stopping in, girl!

      1. YES!! Everything always works out in the end. <3 You got this!!!

        I agree about the potatoes & whole garlic needing to be in all restaurants. I have only read one article about that whole tipping thing so don't take my word on it LOL I just believe everything I read once. 😛

        Your lighthouse photos turned out beautifully <3 they probably only look less than to you because you saw the real thing!!

        Need to try that salmon dish!! I hope I see it on a menu somewhere!! <3

        Have a good rest of your week, babe!!!

      2. Thank you tons and tons <3 <3

        haha I do too! I seriously take everything (even on the Internet) at its word. I am about as gullible as they come!

        Hope you have a great rest of the week too- although almost weekend now 🙂 !xo

      3. Lol me too! I am glad to not be the only gullible one. My boyfriend gives me so much crap. I even believe those weird photoshops sometimes…

        <3 <3 hope your weekend has been awesome!!!

  16. What a nice day out with Tammy!! You Girls play hard and eat good. The food looks so yummy as always. The lighthouse is so nice, great pics . Tammy is so photogenic but she has a friend who is also!! Its good to frolic! The flowers are beautiful. A highlight of my life is staying organised , it is a struggle at times, especially with the little ones. Looking forward to date night , ( soon I hope!!) Have a nice day, Terri xo.

    1. Hehe- we doo ! 🙂

      The lighthouse was soo beautiful, truly hard to capture in pictures because it was so breathtaking!

      Aww thank you <3

      YES! Staying organized is soo important and really helps alleviate a lot of stress.

      Thanks for reading, Terri 🙂 XO

  17. What a jam packed post!!

    Love the hike & lighthouse! So so cool. Although I’m nervous to drive on bridges so Idk if I could have survived walking one! ha

    All.the.food *drool* I need to try something with matcha…I feel so out of the loop!

    Something exciting about life is that I’m closish to being 1 month away from our family beach vacay! I’m so excited!

    1. I think visiting the lighthouse is one of my top favorite things we have done in the city so far! It felt like another world- the beauty was just breathtaking! Ah I hear ya- the bridge wasn’t toooo long so I think you could do it 🙂

      Ahhh that is sooo exciting! That will come in now time 🙂 How is everything going in general for ya?!

      1. I would probably have a mild panic attack but would make it and be glad I did! Funny story about bridges: years ago when I was on a work trip (it’s called field calling where you and a manager travel to go to delinquent customers houses to try to make contact and bring them up to date…it’s as thrilling as it sounds 😂) we had to drive across a longgggggg bridge. Fortunately I was with one of my besties so it wasn’t as traumatizing, but I was the one driving (our rental car was a Big Bird yellow Camaro 😂😂). I didn’t realize there was going to be a bridge and when we arrived to it, there was super heavy fog so I couldn’t see much in front of me. I asked my friend how long we’d be on it and she fibbed saying not long…it ended up being crazy long so by the time we reached the end, my knuckles were ghost white from gripping the steering wheel so tight. hahaha

        I’ll send ya an Insta message cause I don’t want to be too descriptive about work on the interwebs. 😉

      2. Ahhh oh my gosh that sounds seriously so terrifying though and the worst of circumstances!! Ever since I got in an accident in high school I get white knuckled any time I drive in any type of precipitate– so I totally empathize. But proud of you for doing it & pushing through! The thought of the Big yellow Camaro truly does make it all sound like a scene from a movie- hahah. Hope you have a great week, Kaci!!

  18. Omg it seems like you’re gonna have a lot on your plate in the next few months so I’m sending lots of good vibes your way! I totally wish I had a good gif right about now lol.
    Omg Zazie looks great! I would probably get the chai latte too! Chai is my fave aside from matcha lol.
    They sound like an amazing restaurant! It’s funny because I thought about that one day. Why dont restaurants work the tips into the prices? Because it seems like they dont make enough anyway, people shouldn’t live off tips.
    I might have already screen shot Marin headlands but did it again just in case. I want to go there so bad!!
    The path to get to the lighthouse is soo cool!!! Its my dream to see a lighthouse in person so if I dont do that here, I will in SF! Lol
    Omg omg omg a creme puff!!!!! It looks sooo good! Ah all the food looks delish too!
    Hope you’re having an amazing weekend so far!

    1. Thank you sooo much for your good vibes <3 They are so appreciated & really needed right now. I'm already feelin' the pressure something fierce!

      Zazie was amazing. If I could go back to one brunch place before leaving it might be there because the quality of the food was just spectacular.

      Marin Headlands is sooo beautiful. It’s a great place to double with seeing and getting pics with the Golden Gate because you cross it to get there.

      AHHH the lighthouse is a MUST. Probably the most beautiful place in SF.

      You would LOVE Stonemill Matcha- just a plethora of matcha items that are yummy beyond belief. Thanks so much for stopping in, Rossy <3 Hope your weekend was wonderful too!!!

      1. Good to know! Quality of food matters to me so much! I feel like my taste buds/palate has changed so much! I’m constantly looking for new and exciting recipes or new flavors to try 🙂
        Alright, I’ll add the lighthouse to my list too! lol

      2. YESSS SAME! I was just saying the same thing to DJ last night – like my taste buds just love a “new” unique flavor vs. something just good and familiar. Although nostalgic flavors always have a place 🙂

        Yayyy! Yeah put this way at the top. It’s spectacular 😍

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